Warn of virus affecting WhatsApp

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    famous instant messaging application WhatsApp showed his weakness on behalf of a virus.

    It’s called ‘Priyanka’ and fortunately not installed on the phone itself, but is presented as a contact to add by request.

    When you accept a ‘Priyanka’ as a friend, all the contacts in WhatsApp will have this name, causing disorder and confusion in our list of friends of the application, reports the specialized portal The Android Soul.

    To avoid viruses, you should reject the friend request from any contact with this name.

    Once the mobile device has been affected, the only option is to delete the application and re-download again.

    If the infection is recent, it is recommended to delete as soon as possible ‘Priyanka’.

    Stop deleting enter settings and force the closure of the application , then wipe data, so you can restart the account and have the original contacts with WhatsApp.

    Warn of virus affecting WhatsApp
    Source: www.techradar.com  
    July 10, 2013

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