We tested ‘personal Safety’ Google: filter the new application of emergency of the Pixel

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    we Tested a 'personal Safety' Google: filter the new application of emergency of the Pixel

    This morning was leaked on Google Play the tab of a new implementation of personal Safety of Google for your devices Pixel, which among its features was the call the emergency in case of traffic accident. Well, filtering your APK.

    In these last days don’t stop leach applications that include series the new Pixel 4. After the incredible Recorder Google now has come the turn of personal Safety.

    So is personal Security

    Personal Security

    personal Safety is a unique application of the Pixel that will help us to keep us protected, allowing us to alert the emergency services and our contacts in case of an accident or a hazard.

    The application is very simple. Nothing more to install it we will have to add our emergency contacts and optionally add medical information with our blood group, allergies, medication, address, medical notes, and if you are an organ donor.

    Personal Security

    The main screen personal Safety allows us to send a emergency warning quickly to our contacts selected to share a message and our location. By default the message to send is “I have an emergency. I’m here” with a link to our location on Google Maps.

    Personal Security

    In the settings of the application we can change our medical information, manage the emergency contacts, allow to show that information from the lock screen, or configure the detection of car accidents.

    Personal Security

    The detection of car accidents is its main feature but it is currently not available in Spain, does not allow to activate this option. This functionality uses the device sensors to detect if we had a car accident by a hard braking or because the mobile phone has gone flying circling of the bell.

    In the countries in which it is available, the Pixel will vibrate and will sound an alarm with the volume at maximum and if we do not respond to will make a call to emergency with hands-free activated.

    How to install it on your Google Pixel

    While we hope that ‘personal Security’ can be downloaded from the Play Store we can test this application by installing its APK on a device Pixel. To do this we only need to install the following file:

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    The news we Tried ‘personal Safety’ of Google: filters the new application of emergency of the Pixel was originally published in Xataka Android by Cosmos .

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    We tested ‘personal Safety’ Google: filter the new application of emergency of the Pixel
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    October 1, 2019

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