We tested the LG 360 VR: a disappointment in every way

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    We tested the LG 360 VR: a disappointment in every way

    this is not virtual reality we want.

    virtual reality is one of the main trends of this Mobile World Congress 2016. the major companies have already ventured into this new segment during the show, including LG, who has had its first foray into virtual reality glasses LG 360 VR .

    on paper, LG bet is really solid : light, foldable, high pixel density (638 ppi), motion sensors and independence (relative) one smartphone . A foundation better even than solving Samsung (Samsung Gear VR ).

    Unfortunately, the final execution and product experience is not as positive as their technical characteristics predicted at first. Almost everything can be improved in the LG VR 360, from product construction to implementation of concepts.

    The details and implementation of the initial concept ruin it completely

    To begin: the construction of the hardware . LG has decided to use plastic, which has significantly thin the whole, a property highly valued in this product segment. However, the use made of this material is disappointing . The hinges of the “whiskers” are very fragile; the chassis gives excessively when pressure is exerted on it; and the thin layer of plastic covering the edges of the assembly is easily removed, exposing the inside of the glasses. The feeling is closer to a cheap glasses to a product with a futuristic perspective.

     LG VR 360

    Other errors of the LG 360 VR is the light penetration through the side . Semirugoso plastic layer does not seal properly around, allowing penetration of light into glasses and shattering immersion into the world of virtual reality. Besides, they are somewhat uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

     LG VR 360

    The LG 360 VR to adjust the depth of field -at like all virtual reality glasses of the sector, but, again, the implementation of this concept is far from optimal. The adjustment is made by turning two semidentadas wheels located around the own lenses . This forces them off the glasses every time we need to adjust the depth of field and therefore regulate “by eye”. In addition, each lens is adjusted independently, so adjust the depth of field becomes a constant Russian roulette.

     LG VR 360

    software developed specifically for these glasses is, for the moment, sparse, although LG trust their progressive evolution as the LG VR 360 hit the market. . In this sense, how little we could test worked properly The image quality obviously has ample room for improvement when compared with more ambitious proposals as Oculus or HTC Vive , but that no it is the purpose of LG. The real aim of these new virtual reality glasses is to bring the experience of that world standard consumer, while proposals like Oculus or HTC Vive point to a narrower niche, willing to shell out large amounts in exchange for the best experience possible.

    the price of the LG 360 VR has not been revealed yet, which hampers fair assessment of the product. If LG aims at a very low price category, the LG 360 VR will be an alternative to be considered by anyone looking to try the honey of virtual reality of a very brief and superficial. If, on the other hand, LG plans to target higher price ranges -Gear VR Oculus lives-or HTC, LG’s proposal has nothing to do


    We tested the LG 360 VR: a disappointment in every way
    Source: www.hipertextual.com  
    February 23, 2016

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