Wefre: free streaming music without limitations

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    Wefre: free streaming music without limitations

    Want to listen to music online for free, without limitations, and legal way? Well, here you go.

    Wefre it is a Service streaming music completely free that allows, thanks to the YouTube API , listen to music online completely free of advertising and unlimited. The application can be used from any web browser and its creator is working on mobile apps for iOS and Android as it seeks to be funded in kickstarter.

    What makes Wefre is something we have seen in other similar services like Atraci simply a music player that gets all the songs on YouTube and allows the user to listen to free and legal , because they include the video inside.

    A nice and easy to use

    wefre free streaming music

    Wefre also stands out for having a pretty interface clean and beautiful user. The player works perfectly , can be searched by artist, album or song you want and get smart results thanks to YouTube and its millions of videos available.

    To use only you need to register with your email, or you can log in with Facebook, Google, or Twitter to save your playlists. The application also provides special sections with the most popular albums, new releases, top 50 leading artists, and the most listened musical genres. Over time creates statistics Wefre personal use and can access the songs you listen to keep or more.


    The artist pages have information and pictures in the style of other services this type as well as a section similar musicians, and you can even start a radio based on someone you like a lot.

    Its creators say not break any of the rules of the YouTube API, so the service would be entirely legitimate, and a sensational way to listen to music for free.


    Wefre: free streaming music without limitations
    Source: www.hipertextual.com  
    January 25, 2016

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