Wellness Digital Google launches the mode ‘Without distraction’: a new aid to concentrate

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    Wellness Digital Google launches the mode 'Without distraction': a new aid for focus

    Announced last may during the Google I/O 2019, the new Focus mode well-being Digital comes to the compatible devices through the new beta version of this tool from Google that wants to improve our habits digital.

    ‘Focus mode’ has been translated into Spanish under the name of Mode’Without distractions’, and what is intended is that, to prevent the use of our mobile phones to distract us, and help us to focus will allow us to “disable” applications temporarily.

    No distractions

    No Distractions

    If you upgrade to well-being Digital Beta will find in Settings > well-being Digital the new option No distractions. To activate it, the first thing we need to do is to select the applications that distract us and then you can activate this new mode.

    Google recommends adding a direct access to the quick settings you can activate and deactivate easily the mode Without distractions from there, thus avoiding having to enter the settings of well-being Digital.

    No Distractions

    When the mode Without distractions is enabled the application will not be used nor will we bother with your notifications, showing grey icons. Is put on pause until we turn off this new mode.

    Until now the only way to pause an application with well-being Digital was through its timers, that are paused apps once exceeded the maximum time of daily use. Now we can pause when we want to.


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    Wellness Digital Google launches the mode ‘Without distraction’: a new aid to concentrate
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    August 21, 2019

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