‘Westworld’ back unleashed a season 2 that promises to be more exciting than the first

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    Poster Westworld Season Two

    No current series of HBO can compete with ‘Game of Thrones’, but ‘Westworld’ yes that has the potential to fill the void that he will leave the adaptation of the novels of George R. R. Martin when it comes to its end in 2019. Already in his debut was an indisputable success, becoming the first season more because of a series of the string, but the test of fire is the second, where they all tend to go to less and less, and in this case it is expected just the opposite.

    The answer to that question will begin to resolve this Sunday April 22, the date on which HBO will premiere the first episode of its second season. The wait has been longer than foreseen, but that has served to ‘Westworld’ back with force, to expand their virtues, and constructing an interesting narrative that has allowed it to deviate from the most predictable, although to change also maintains some of its weaknesses.

    A step forward without complete it all

    Frame Two Season Westworld

    I’m Not going to discuss that the first season ‘Westworld’ would be worth the but soon took to giving me the feeling that he was stretching too much what he wanted to tell us through an aura of grandiloquence quiet, something present constantly in his dialogues, to convey the idea that everything was more important than what on many occasions contributed to the set.

    That reappears in the first episode of the second season, but somewhat more attenuated. The clever use of different temporal spaces -also present in the first, but here much more clear as you get out of the loops associated to the host – leads to Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, creators and showrunners of ‘Westworld’, to dispense a linear evolution of the story with which they can create various unknowns to sting the curiosity of the viewer about what is happening.

    Season Two Westworld

    The triumph is indisputable in the final goal, but the thing is complicated a little longer if we stop to think about ways of developing each of the stories. Interestingly I think that the less interest he wakes me up in the long term is the best works in this first episode, mainly because it conveys a sense of naturalness that many times is in short supply in the series. I am referring to the centered on a sweeping Thandie Newton, the one that best captures the changes associated with the awakening of the hosts.

    With Newton I really think that there has been a real change that has led to the hosts to become something different, but the thing is compounded when I think of the rest, where their actions, strongly marked by the violence, yes convey that something has changed, but the actions are still taking an approach slightly robotic to tarnishing, partially all of their appearances. No sticking to the work of the actors, in particular Evan Rachel Wood, but it is a small annoyance that never goes away.

    A game that promises to be exciting

    Image Two Season Westworld

    beyond that, it is advisable to stop for a moment in the long-term plan global that raises the series, something that can be overlooked given the disclosures that are made on other fronts -theimpeccable the cliffhanger to leave us wanting to see the second episode right now-, and that connects directly with what happened at the end of the first. This connection reveals to us a fundamental detail, which, obviously, I’m not going to detail now, and that is where I ended up hooking.

    in Addition it is worth noting that ‘Westworld’ bet here definitely by the violence and shows generous in explicit details without also abusing them free of charge. That certainly encourages the function, fitting very well by way of contrast to the rhythm in repose characteristic of the series, and providing also an extra layer of credibility to the rebellion of the hosts. This is not the game and any slip up can cost you your life.

    Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden Westworld

    All of that is spiced with a finish technical irreproachable, keeping the line of the first season but adding new scenarios and feeding hopes about the imminent arrival of other, which extend irreparably, the universe of the series. I’m looking forward to see what they propose Nolan and Joy for that way, but for now there is no longer a promise of which you might expect them too.

    And is that in the end, that was also one of the problems of ‘Westworld’ in its first season: promised a lot and ends up giving only a part, playing too much with the patience of the viewer. My great fear is that to happen again here, and simply use that juicy narrative to play the ball as much as possible in place to solve it in more natural way. is Here it seems that the characters are going to gain weight on the story. In the end, the hosts have found themselves and that there are that reflect this.

    yes, now it only remains for me to have faith that such errors are corrected, and ‘Westworld’ to become such a great series that only became intermittent in their first batch of episodes. For now they still are but without being as annoying, let’s hope that this improvement will continue and not focus as much on transmit importance instead of letting the entertainment make act of presence and distance to an unbeatable combination.

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    ‘Westworld’ back unleashed a season 2 that promises to be more exciting than the first
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    April 18, 2018

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