What do you know of series? Guess frame (3×14)

Track 1

The time passed with amazing speed and clock redials and 18 pm on a Friday, so it has come the time in Tele Go! you propose one seriéfilo challenge . Mechanics, for those who do not already know, is that we chose two frames that belong to that range or two different and you have to hit and be the fastest to do so.

The week you seem to put it somewhat simpler than on previous occasions to choose two images of ‘ The Walking Dead’ and ‘Homeland’ , since you have been several that you acertasteis. However, they were the fastest dani279, Ender85 and suckelo , five, two and one point respectively lead. The general classification is as follows:

  1. outrak (9)
  2. Ender85 (9)
  3. nein09 (7) <- - More!>
  4. Exi (7)
  5. gel0 (7)
  6. fernarda (5)
  7. watm9 (5)
  8. Lopus (5)
  9. minervalara (5)
  10. breikin (5)
  11. The Phantom of the Paradise (5)
  12. dani279 ( 5)
Track 2

As you can see, classification is still very tight and one of the first twelve could take the lead next week if the person is right before series belong to what the two frames that I bring you today. Good luck to all and until next week.

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What do you know of series? Guess frame (3×14)
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