What happened with Miracast? We promised the ultimate multimedia solution, now almost gone

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    In October 2012, as a year ago, Google introduced Android 4.2 . It came with a few new features, and one of them, which was much talk at the time and brought a huge hype was Miracast. This is a standard target=”_blank”> , and today is almost gone. What happened with Miracast?

    Let’s start getting a little the past. What is Miracast? This is a standard supported by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Its operation is simple, and all it does is a screencast or mirroring of our screen in another. That is, we can see what’s on the screen of your Android phone into a TV screen , for example. This creates a connection through WiFi Direct between the two devices, transmitting data directly from one to another.

    For the second screen can receive primary data has to endure Miracast , and if you do not have to buy an adapter which is usually around 30-60 € (depends a lot on the brand). This adapter is not a WiFi dongle with an HDMI output that connects to the television. Does it sound that something? Indeed, much like Chromecast . Google has taken the idea of ​​seeing Miracast has not worked and there is no way to integrate and created Chromecast, an almost equally, although with differing points as the fact not work mirroring .

    And here is one of the first problems that Miracast has not succeeded. Few manufacturers have adopted the standard , and those who did not work too well (no need to stop by more specialized forums and see user complaints Miracast compatible devices). To create a Miracast have to buy the dongle, and that means finding the information of what is and what is supported. This creates a lot of confusion in the user, who sees this system as too complicated and confusing, which is condemned to failure.

    In fact in the previous paragraph we have seen two problems at one . It’s not just the lack of adoption by manufacturers, if not the malfunction and has problems Miracast . The dongles usually fail, run for a few minutes and then stop playing or give many problems when configuring them. Even Miracast embedded systems has proven to be a simple , and finally has gradually fallen into oblivion.

    search The ultimate multimedia solution , easy to use, allowing us to share content in a few seconds and is at an affordable price is something that has been long behind. Miracast was not the first who tried, and certainly not the last. Google has tried to fix the details of this and failed has become Chromecast, will it work? Only time will tell, but the simplicity and ease of use are key. We will fall or not is forgotten as happened to Miracast, but for now it looks much better painting.

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    What happened with Miracast? We promised the ultimate multimedia solution, now almost gone
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    September 1, 2013

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