What Instagram has removed the ‘likes’ of the accounts that you follow? We tell you why

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  • The past month of April, Instagram began to make private the ‘likes’ accounts in Canada. Then he tried with Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand in July. And now this big change has reached users all over the planet. What staggers the world of the influencers? Why has decided the company to take this step?This measure aims to “to help the welfare and health of the people”, even though it suppose to “make decisions that damage the business”, as explained by the very own CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri. Thus, it seems that you are looking for overthrow the tyranny of the ‘likes’ and make users feel more comfortable sharing what is really important to them without fear that they will not receive the popular approval of the ‘I like’.Of course, the ‘likes’ are not lost in cyberspace: users can still see who has liked your post , and a total count of the ‘I like’, but your followers will only see some names of friends in common who liked the publication. Can also tap to view the full listing, but you will have to manually count.reactions among the public is divided between love and hate: for many it has been a decision well-taken that will allow users to express themselves with less formalities and expand their creativity, and that leaves the ‘I like’ for Facebook, which is where they were born; however, for others, it overthrows one of the basic pillars of Instagram, social network that institutionalized the heart as a symbol of approval.It seems that the influencers are the largest affected by this decision and are concerned about the possible loss of followers and/or income.In fact, Social Media Today has published a study of the analysis platform of influencers HypeAuditor and that concludes the most of 154k influential people on Instagram analysed to lose between 3% and 15% of ‘likes’ in countries in which the social network is hidden.While this study is not definitive, and would have to wait for Instagram to issue official data, it is foreseeable that the measure will alter the universe of the social network. For example, as the total number of ‘likes’ will not be public, agencies, and companies will have to rely on the report they can spend the own influencers.Is this the previous step to eliminate the view of the ‘likes’ of posts from Instagram? What we’ll see according to how to run this test.
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    What Instagram has removed the ‘likes’ of the accounts that you follow? We tell you why
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    November 21, 2019

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