What is Holo? More than just a GUI

We have heard Holo talk often, and for quite some time, many may not even know what it is or what it means added “Holo”…

design_elements_landing We have heard Holo talk often, and for quite some time, many may not even know what it is or what it means added “Holo” in many apps found in Google Play. The truth is that Holo is a term that has slowly been making a hole in Android and has not been by mere whim, but after much hard work, it has been about two days, and Android 4.0 does not have any guilt about it .

Holo, unification for further integration

Matthias Duart and has been working with Google for some time, and is one of the current leadership, if not the most, of the Android UI . For those who do not know who he is, it is a GUI designer that has earned a place among the best, and before being in Google worked for Palm Web OS, exercising the same post.

touch_feedback_states It has nothing to Android now in regard to their visual appearance, when compared with their initial versions, and to 2.3 (Gingerbread) as was in the “first” version for tablets which saw a substantial change, with 3.0 ( Honeycomb) and, interestingly, was the first work of Duarte . That began what we now know as Holo, an interface rather than thought, worked and polished to make it completely different from what we are used to now.

At that time, Google said his intention was unify the system for both Tablets and Smartphones , which a priori seemed crazy seeing running Android 3.0 with 2.3. It was impossible to adapt a system initially designed for tablets (9-10 screens “), a phone (3-3.5” back then). Or so I thought. Now I see I was wrong.

It was not adapting Honeycomb to phones, it was adapted use, its essence, its elegance , in short, was beginning to Holo gestate. But what exactly is Holo? Why Google places so much emphasis on this? Well, for several reasons, but one stands out (a little) about others unification.

From typography to transitions, are all thought

 typography_main And that Holo is that, not only of a subject, but a set. An all. The main idea was to make the wearer feel comfortable, that using Android would become a natural, intuitive, manageable and easy to learn . Everything is done, and I mean everything, is everything: design patterns, patterns on the buttons, how to interact with the user, each zone measures, colors, typography … even the smallest detail has been analyzed.

Earlier in the extinct “Android Market” application not following any design pattern that each developer wanted, causing considerable chaos user since each app work differently . Holo solves this by having all apps follow the same pattern so that the user can interact with 2 or with 10 different applications in the same way.

Another aspect is that of the gestures that have gradually been added, such as swiping a notification, an email or simply to move from one part of the application to another, is a natural gesture that helps more comfortable use. So-called “cards” are becoming an example of simplicity and functionality, which started gaining strength with Google Now. They’ve got a great visual level cleaning while a convenient way to transmit information (or using different applications). Placing buttons now follows a consistent, and all operate in the same manner, varying only the content thereof depending on the application. And so many others .

metrics_forms At first there was a stir with this since many changes were made in a relatively short time, which somewhat disconcerted users but now it seems that everything has been put in place. It also was not without controversy, as some users criticize this step by Google to try that all applications have a look as close as possible as limiting the developer argue, closer to Google to his nearest rival ( which is reputed to be very strict with this) and you lose the essence of “freedom” that is tied to Android. Honestly, I find one of the best Android has taken steps in recent years .

I think has been here when Android has started to reach maturity , ignoring that aspect a little more “relaxed” more “rebel” from the beginning . The fact that the different versions are names of candy, let us see a little bit funny from that point always had, but now it’s time to grow up.

If I may make a comparison (rather out of context), this change airs to me Rafa Nadal suffered : In the beginning, a young boy, wanting to conquer the world, with some aggressive garments, capri pants, tank tops and garish colors that gave off tremendous aggressiveness, made a hole, made it to the top and made that soon everyone knew. Now, however, he has matured as a player, has left a little aside all that youth and improved all the things lacking and compensated with his aggressiveness. It has become a complete player almost 100% , has changed its visual appearance, much more seriously now, and more elegant, but still the same, in the interior is the same player who makes few years, but much more mature, and that’s what happened with Android.

 metrics_closeup Holo has not been a new change of colors with some new, has been a complete overhaul of the system, a statement of intent that have reached the top of the table, and are willing to stay, and this is not achieved with small changes and improvements, requires a thorough study, to know the system, know how to use and how users use it, and try to adapt best . For me, they are succeeding. And to show it, I leave a link to the guidelines of the “Principles target=”_blank”> “proposed by Google in website developers, making very clear about one thing:

Consider these principles and use them using your own creativity.

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What is Holo? More than just a GUI
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June 18, 2013

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