What will it cost the new iPhone X in each country and how expensive the taxes

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    iPhone X

    Apple presented this Tuesday by the new iPhone X, that commemorates the tenth anniversary of the launch of the iPhone of the first generation and is presented as a representation of what will be the future of mobile phones.

    The new device, this time you do not have home button, is made of glass and metal and will arrive at the Spanish market on the 22nd of September.

    Introduces, in addition, the facial recognition as a security measure, and the wireless charging. As announced via the company’s website, the price of the basic model of iPhone X Spain (64 GB) will be of 1.159 eur and the version of 256 GB of 1.329 euros.

    the basic version of The model memorial it will be in the united States $ 999, which is equivalent to 834 euros and the 256 GB 1.149 $ 954 euros.

    What it is worth in other countries? The consumption taxes, the rates and the foreign exchange affect the price of the device in different countries, as well as the company manufacturer of the device will not be marketed at the same price in all countries.

    In the following table, the prices are the most affordable model and have been converted to euros. In the case of EE UU (1) does not show taxes because they vary in each state.



    Tax final Price
    USA 836 (1) 836 (1)
    Spain 956 203 1.159
    Australia 962 96 1.059
    China 915 156 1.071
    Finland 945 234 1.179
    Austria 955 194 1.149
    France 950 209 1.159
    Belgium 950 209 1.159
    Denmark 956 239 1.196
    Germany 955 194 1.149
    Irlanda 958 221 1.179
    Italia 969 220 1.189
    Holanda 954 205 1.159
    Portugal 950 229 1.179
    Suiza 966 81 1.047
    Suecia 963 241 1.204
    R. Unido 922 185 1.107
    Polonia 956 218 1.174


    What will it cost the new iPhone X in each country and how expensive the taxes
    Source: www.20minutos.es  
    September 13, 2017

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