what3words, geolocation application with only three words, now in Spanish

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  • what3words

    what3words is a geolocation application with an ingenious proposal: allow easily locate any point on earth with only three words indicate. Codes? Postcards? Coordinates GPS?, Not at all, only three words and you will be on your map, courtesy of Google, a marker indicating the exact location of the site you want to within two meters only.

    To see the three words that define a location, simply to click on it and click on “Place the marker here” . He instantly displayed on a small globe three magic words to get where moments, as they are just three words that can easily spell and remember, you can also easily share via SMS, chat, email, calls telephone, etc.

    communicates what3words just released today that its Spanish version facilitating mnemonic formula for Spanish and multiplying their millions of combinations of words that allow them to cover every corner of the planet without having to resort to complex indications.

    The application is freely available from its web version or through their apps for iOS and Android. They also offer a paid version called OneWord that 1.2 euros for 1 year or up to 8.85 euros for 10 years, can be done using a custom of only one word.

    Link: what3words

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    what3words, geolocation application with only three words, now in Spanish
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    July 31, 2013

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