WhatsApp added protection with fingerprint recognition in its beta for Android: how it works

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    WhatsApp adds protection with fingerprint in its beta for Android: how it works

    WhatsApp added protection biometric in its version for the iOS in October of last year and, even though we knew that it would end up coming to Android, never more we learned of the topic. Now starts to be activated also in Android, first in the beta version.

    The protection with fingerprint allows you to protect the access to WhatsApp by using fingerprint. This must be configured in the mobile in advance, and avoids completely the use of the application, except to answer calls.

    Protect your WhatsApp with a footprint

    The function is activated at the moment for users of version 2.19.184 beta of WhatsApp and, obviously, the mobile phone has a finger print reader. At the moment there is no mention of facial recognition.

    To know if you have this feature, you must go to the settings of WhatsApp and enter in Privacy. There, at the bottom you should see the option Lock fingerprint. Inside has a single option in a principle: unlock with fingerprint.


    Put your finger on the reader until the recognition and will activate the protection. Keep in mind that if you had registered your mark on Android, you must do so before you can use it in WhatsApp.


    you then Have two additional options. The first, automatically Lock, determines if you want to include a grace period in which WhatsApp is kept unlocked. You can choose between immediately, one minute, or 30 minutes.

    The second, Show content (notifications) enables you to choose if you want notifications from WhatsApp show the preview of the messages when the app is locked or not. Otherwise, simply appears the text “1 new message”.

    A message

    Blocks everything except calls

    otherwise, the behavior is as expected. When WhatsApp is blocked because it has passed the time of grace (or what has been set in immediately), the message is displayed WhatsApp blocked and you need to bring your finger to the reader of the mobile to unlock it.


    This protection prevents access to WhatsApp both directly and indirectly, so that it won’t work using the share menu of Android.

    The only exception are calls and video calls, which you can keep answering, but you will still not be able to access the chats.

    Via | WaBetaInfo

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    WhatsApp added protection with fingerprint recognition in its beta for Android: how it works
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    August 13, 2019

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