WhatsApp alerts you if you have an open session of WhatsApp Web or PC

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    A few days ago the world first she felt joy and then some disappointment to learn that WhatsApp would finally have a cliente for Windows and Mac, but this is little more than a box tucked into the web version.

    The client WhatsApp WhatsApp for PC and web are a great way to keep talking with your friends the convenience of using a keyboard and big screen, but had a small problem in safety: if you let your logged on to the PC and someone else uses it, could read real time everything you write. And do you enterarías.

    This equivalent to “Your little sister picking up the other phone and spying what you say” WhatsApp perhaps not as severe as in other applications based on the cloud, but no longer one point to consider. Now, for better or worse, you get a permanent notification and not concealable when the web client or PC is active


    The Sneak protecting your privacy little

    it must be recognized that the implementation is not all bad thought: appears each time the web version is active . That is, someone has put in the foreground and presumably is watching. If it is a hidden tab open between two hundred others, it does not appear. If the Windows client and no one opens, either.

    Now, WhatsApp for Windows displays notifications Windows floating on incoming messages, so that a person in front of the PC could read messages (if short) without you receive notification the client desktop is active. You could always turn off notifications with preview in the Windows client, but then loses much of its grace


    If you really worried that someone read your conversations from a shared PC or carelessness, the best is that you protect your computer password or sign out each time. This notice is okay for you to have more present, but not really solve the problem.

    Via | PhoneArena
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    WhatsApp alerts you if you have an open session of WhatsApp Web or PC
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    May 19, 2016

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