WhatsApp beta is updated and let’s see a built-in browser to open links directly in the app

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    WhatsApp beta is updated and reveal a built-in browser to open links directly in the app

    WhatsApp, or Facebook, is still working to make WhatsApp a more complete application. Recently, the beta version of the application we suggested to him that the company was going to implement the search engine of Google images and had certain emojis hidden secrets. Now, the app is again updated, this time showcasing a built-in browser.

    Well, to be more exact, what he has received is the integration with WebView, a component of Android that allows you to open links within an application without having to open the browser. It is something like what appears when you open a link in Instagram, Facebook or (the Discover of the feed from Google.

    detection of malicious links included

    Screenshots Whatsapp In the picture you can see how the link loads directly in WhatsApp, without opening the browser.

    The function has been discovered by WaBetaInfo in the version 2.19.74 beta of WhatsApp, even if for the moment seems not to be enabled on all devices. As we can see in the screenshots that offer from the middle, when you click a link received or sent through the app, instead of opening Chrome or any other browser, it opens a WebView in the chat showing the contents of the page.

    By the looks of it, it also has built-in “safe Browsing“, a security system designed by Google that enables WebView detect when the user is clicking on a link in a fraudulent. If so, the screen is displayed in red and warns you that the page is not secure. Carries on from the WebView version 66 and it may be interesting to hoaxes and false news circulating on WhatsApp.

    the WebView will detect the spam links and will warn the user when the open

    Also, from WaBetaInfo reassured by saying that Facebook may not know what pages visits, because WebView is a system that uses the APIs of Android, so, in the words of the middle, “everything is managed by the system”. Yes, they warn that will only be available to users who have Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher, a requirement that should not pose a major problem.

    As we said, this function is not yet activated, and it is unknown when will official. What seems clear is that the first will reach to the users of the beta and, subsequently, to the stable version.

    Via | WaBetaInfo


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    the.news WhatsApp beta is updated and let’s see a built-in browser to open links directly in the app originally.published.in by Jose García Nieto .

    WhatsApp beta is updated and let’s see a built-in browser to open links directly in the app
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    March 15, 2019

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