Whatsapp brings two improvements to prevent you from stealing and block users

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  • The messaging application Whatsapp is working on two new that does not take long to reach its millions of users.The first of these is a new feature that will warn the user when the service to detect an attempt to register your number on another device.When a user activates an account on the service, which is linked to your phone number, Whatsapp will request a verification code, that arrives as a text message to the number you entered.However, cases have been detected in the a third party attempts to create an account in WhatsApp with a number that is not yours. In this case, the user does not receive a notice of this attempt, and if you have been a victim of a hack of the SIM card you can even receive the verification code that you would suspect.In this sense, the specialized website WaBetaInfo has been found in the latest beta version of the app for iOS a function that notifies the user of an attempt to create an account with your phone. In particular, we inform you that a request has been received registration code, and will tell you that, if you have not been he who has asked, do not share it with anyone.This function is also related to the possibility of have to activate the same account on different devices, in the which also works for the company, according to WaBetaInfo. Would help to clarify if that intent is of the user himself or an attempt of phishing.The second innovation has to do with a new role that notify you in the chat if it has been blocked to the other partner.As it has in such WaBetaInfo in the beta version for Android, a message will be displayed that you can only view the user —not the person who is locked— that will indicate that this contact has been blocked, and will ‘press’ to unlock, if it wants to.Also, in the list of contacts blocked, will be a distinction between contacts and business, with the introduction of a second paragraph. The location in one or the other will be done automatically.
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    Whatsapp brings two improvements to prevent you from stealing and block users
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    November 17, 2019

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