WhatsApp for Android launches new message indicator within chats

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    Whatsapp Indicator

    The new versiĆ³n courier beta WhatsApp presents the next functionality will soon reach everyone. After adding everyone the new option citar messages now going to try the new indicator of new messages in the chat.

    When we are in a chat and get down to read older messages will see as a redesigned floating button to return to the end of the conversation that the main novelty will see how new messages to the conversation will indicate the number of new messages that have come since we are reading the messages appears previous


    WhatsApp Indicator

    Before they arrived when new messages conversation was moving downward, which was annoying, especially if many new messages arrive suddenly, we could force up the conversation to continue reading the above messages. Now the conversation will not move, the indicator and will take care to inform new messages

    In Engadget Android. | Citar WhatsApp messages is now possible, learn how to do it on your Android

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    WhatsApp for Android launches new message indicator within chats
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    June 24, 2016

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