WhatsApp has included in his latest beta function of schedule messages that self-destruct

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  • This message will self destruct in… an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year. This is the new role that WhatsApp be offered to users, who will be able to schedule the destruction of everything they say within the groups of the app.The web WaBetaInfo we have confirmed this functionality with images: it is called ‘Delete Messages’ and is in the beta 2.19.348 for Android.The way to use them is simple: select a message, and we decide when we want that self-destructs (an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year). It’s that easy. And you can forget to delete what was written, because it will be WhatsApp the one to do it.This self-destructive programmed messages, although it has been very claimed, and expected by the users, has some limitations -at least based on the beta that has been leaked-and it is that can only be used within groups, not in chats single, and always when the group administrator has enabled this option previously.We still don’t know date of publication for this function, but anyone who wants to -with Android operating system – you can sign up for the beta test of the app through the Google Play Store. There are No requirements to participate, although you must keep in mind that this version of WhatsApp is not a stable version, so that you can present errors.It has not been confirmed if it will debut in the next version of WhatsApp, but the fact that the application has adapted to dark mode -that also keeps development – it could indicate that the future messages that self-destruct would be pretty close to see the light.There is always ‘the corpse’ (footprint of the deletion is evident with “This message was deleted”), but the option that allows you to erase what has been said is one of the most popular and beloved in WhatsApp.
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    WhatsApp has included in his latest beta function of schedule messages that self-destruct
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    November 28, 2019

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