WhatsApp prevents that they can add us to a group without our permission

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  • We’ve all been there: see you soon in a group of WhatsApp no one we have asked if we wanted to or not. It’s over. WhatsApp no prevents can add us to a group without our permission.The biggest instant messaging app in the world, announced in April and already has list this new feature, which has been tested previously in India. Up to now, any person who had our contact could add us to a group WhatsApp, we liked it or not. The only possibility left was to abandon it later and the view of the rest of the members.The new function prevents that they can add us to a group without our permission. To achieve this we must activate a series of permissions that are found in the configuration section of the application of our mobile.Within Whatsapp, there will be that enter in “Settings” and access “Account”. At that point we will seek to “Privacy”. you Will see the option for “Groups”, the new option, and we should be able to choose between three options: “No-one”, “My contacts” or “All”.“Nobody” means we have to give our approval to join any group to which you invite us. “My contacts”, that only the users that have saved in the phone contacts we will be able to add to a group without our approval. Initially it will not be possible to do this for all kinds of groups previously. “All” will be the choice for those who want that nothing changes and that any we can add to any group.If you are looking for right now is not what you’ll find: the option still is not enabled. This new set of privacy will be available over the coming weeks in the latest version of WhatsApp, both for Android as for iOS.
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    WhatsApp prevents that they can add us to a group without our permission
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    October 24, 2019

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