WhatsApp will release another novelty: the so-called group

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    The company WhatsApp follows the rise to itself and adds to its list of features the ability to call groups of people at once, although this project may not be completed until 2018.

    The messaging application because you plan to allow your users to make calls in a group with the friends of the chat in your next update, according to has informed this Thursday The World following a press release from the company.

    Although his implantanción and operation not been release yet official, the way to access these calls with several contacts at the same time would not be very different from a normal call.

    This new option will come a time that the app has perfected the tool of total elimination of messages, which until now was not working because the servers were inactive.

    At the request of the users, WhatsApp allowed cancel or delete the messages of the conversations in a time limit of 5 minutes since it was sent and a notice that warned to the other contacts of the chat that has been deleted.


    WhatsApp will release another novelty: the so-called group
    Source: www.20minutos.es  
    October 19, 2017

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