When the marten beat particle accelerator

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    When the marten beat particle accelerator

    suddenly, CERN has a new enemy: a small marten has managed to shut down the system for nearly a week. Fortunately, the installation has not suffered irreparable losses for researchers.

    Five-thirty in the morning. A small marten, a carnivorous mammal, walk around the towers of the power grid CERN. No wonder that wild animals are snooping around them. Looking for shelter, the animal began to walk too close to one of the huge transformers accelerator complex. Suddenly he jumped the alarm. The system detected a power failure and entered standby . The engineers tried to find and reboot, but it was not possible. Marten, unwillingly, had beaten the particle accelerator. Of course, at the cost of his own life.

    A week of repairs at CERN

    What happened, as observed operators then is that the marten had approached too close to the transformer. Electricity simply sought “short” to ground, ie, marten way. Thus, an arc of thousands of volts literally glared at the animal in the act . But the latter were more than enough to cause a short circuit that has cast some fundamental parts of the CERN electrical system. It is not the first time it happens, and probably not the last because much of the installation CERN is in the suburbs. Fortunately, according to reports from the facilities, no component has been damaged to the point of not being able to be repaired. Only connections appear to have suffered any real damage.



    So, is expected later this week or before the system is operational again. During the accident, the system detected the blackout and into suspension safely keeping and avoiding costly data loss or damage to the rest of accelerator . It’s the least you would expect from a particle accelerator measuring kilometers and has cost billions of euros. As we said, this incident is not an isolated case and, unfortunately, although transformers and electrical system is protected by a wire fence, many curious animals come to the facilities due to its privileged situation.

    Requiem by a marten

    poor marten, it must be said, he felt nothing. When an arc of such large features you through, your body is surpassed in strength, instantly. Cardiopulmonary arrest is immediate; but brain, overwhelmed by extreme electrical signal reaches not feel anything in the split second it takes to download , before being cooked by the brutal passage of electrons. Shortly thereafter normally they begin to burn the remains by the temperature reached. So we can be sure that it was a clean kill. But for those who do not know what was making a marten in those parts? It’s true that lots of animals walking around electric park CERN, but really, although there have been incidents, the animals tend to run away from strangers and humming transformers.

    This marten was. probably an exemplary young man from the outskirts of a city near But martens are animals that sometimes take advantage of human settlements. Although they prefer forests and rocky areas, it is not surprising to find them near houses and buildings. Therefore, not unlikely that this animal was an exemplary young man from the outskirts of a city near and therefore were familiar with human structures. Martens, as we explained, they are small mammals of the family Mustelidae, like ferrets or badgers. They are carnivorous somewhat haggard but curious. Over time we have seen them increasingly adapted to human presence, drawing on the resources that provide them involuntarily settlements.


    It is a typically European animal, but can also be found in North America due to the introduction by trade. It is rather like the marten, although it is more heavyset. They are usually solitary animals that take advantage of any gaps to rest . In addition, its conservation status is good, and even are in the crosshairs of the IUCN, the entity responsible for assessing the status of a species. Funny how such a small animal, just about forty centimeters has become unwittingly an enemy of CERN. Such events do not seem significant enough for the center to consider taking more stringent measures on control of the power grid. Although we imagine the face that you can be an investigator to know that it was a marten that would spoil the results of an investigation that has taken him years


    When the marten beat particle accelerator
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    May 3, 2016

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