Why does your mobile phone runs slower in the summer?


Mobile and summer

Gets the summer, and with him the risks for the mobile devices are multiplied. And it is this time of year is the more problems it causes to the smartphones. The components of the electronic devices tend to be sensitive to the climatology, in particular metals or plastics of which they are comprised, for example, the phones ‘smart’, which affects their performance when the heat increases.

A device that exceeds its internal temperature optimum maximum optimum maximum (around 35 degrees) is usually operate much slower, but this also tends to affect the components, such as the battery, which makes its service life may be shortened.

The water and high temperatures are two of the main factors that may arrive to spoil the good functioning of a mobile. How could it be otherwise, these dangers increase with the arrival of summer, to the point that at this time of year generates the 33% of the breakdowns of smartphones. The biggest enemy of the mobile in the summer is the sun. The high temperatures produce the 50% of breakdowns at this time of year.

yes, must bear in mind that car is not a good place to leave away the smartphone, as a car exposed to the sun can exceed perfectly 50 degrees of temperature.

however, the ambient heat is not the only factor capable of damaging the ‘smartphone’, also the temperature of the device can play a bad pass. This danger is compounded to the time of play mobile, because you can overheat if you are playing a game or using an app for hours. In addition, the summer is the time of year in the more you use the smartphone to play, so it is recommended that the programs are not excessively long. It is also advisable not to abuse the navigation systems or watch videos, which also heat up quickly the device.

in order To avoid that the phone exceeds the indoor temperature maximum (between 30 and 35 degrees) it is very important to have programs in refrigeration and temperature control installed in the mobile. CPU Gauge or Temperature Monitor are one of the many ‘apps’ that warn the user when it has exceeded the temperature, although there are currently many mobile phones that come with built-in functionalities of temperature control.


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Why does your mobile phone runs slower in the summer?
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