Why Ford launches an SUV, the Edge, so big?

Why Ford launches an SUV, the Edge, so big?

on a continent where all the manufacturers make very compact SUVs, what has led Ford to bring Edge to Europe?

the Ford Edge crown the SUV range of the American manufacturer, is the largest in the catalog of the brand and has many developments in the sector of the premium SUV large cars designed to take the whole family without losing comfort, quality and equipment. We have already been able to prove but has assaulted us a question: with all manufacturers presenting very compact SUVs ¿ why has Ford SUV nearly 5 meters long?

Because the demand for SUVs is growing in Europe and in 2015 became the segment with higher sales in Europe for the first time in history thanks to a growth of 24 percent. But above all, the Edge, despite being large, engages in the midsize SUV, a subsegment grew more than 42% over last year.

Ford intends to sell more than 200,000 SUVs in Europe this year, an increase of 200 percent compared to 2013.

also not only a big SUV but is the most technologically the segment to have devices never before seen in the range but are known in the manufacturer as SYNC 3 , systems maintenance on the rail, automatic parking and intelligent speed control based on traffic signals between a very large equipment catalog.

a SUV large cut is very important to seduce customers to a Kuga are too small and you need to carry a lot of luggage and equipment, something quite common in families with two children / young ace. In the catalog of Ford he lacked a model that would respond to these needs and finally comes to Europe.


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Why Ford launches an SUV, the Edge, so big?
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