Why you should stop using an unlock pattern on your mobile

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    • A study reveals that it is very easy to recreate patterns after seeing a person enter it, even though it has been at a distance.
    • in Addition to that are easier to ‘copy’, we tend to start the patterns at the same points and tend to create letters.


    do you Use an unlock pattern in your mobile phone? If so, you should be thinking about changing method to unlock your phone. A recent study exposes the vulnerabilities of this system.

    this Is an investigation carried out jointly by the united States Naval Academy and the University of Maryland, published this week and picked up by Gizmodo. In this research reveal that two-thirds of the people can recreate an unlock pattern after you see another person enter only once, even if it is at a distance of two meters. In contrast, only one out of every ten people is able to recreate a six-digit code after you see how a person can enter once.

    The study explains that our brains are better prepared to recognize and remember patterns. Participated in the study 1.173 persons, to whom they showed videos where people desbloqueaban their mobile phone, as viewed from various angles. The participants had after that adivinaran passwords and patterns. 80% only needed to see two times the pattern to match, while 64% did so after seeing it once. In contrast, in the case of passwords, a 10% thing was right after seeing it once, and 27% after seeing it twice.

    in Addition, there are previous studies that reflect that most of the users uses only four points in their patterns unlock, a 77% start their patterns from one of the four corners and a 10% recreates a letter.


    Why you should stop using an unlock pattern on your mobile
    Source: www.20minutos.es  
    September 24, 2017

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