Wiko Ufeel and Ufeel Lite: this is new for midrange Wiko

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    Wiko U Feel Silver White Compo 1

    Today we attended the event Wiko , which were presented in Madrid the new midrange terminals brand: Wiko Ufeel and Wiko Ufeel Lite . Both terminals are characterized by elegant design without the price is high for it. During the event we could test both terminals.

    The staff who was there to show the products and give us firsthand information were all attentive time to resolve our doubts, and a server, which came fourth minutes before the place despite the strike, witnessed from the beginning


    the protagonists this morning have been the Wiko Ufeel and Wiko Ufeel Lite , although they were not alone. Along with them the terminals and presented the range were And as smartphones, while in terms of accessories, we could see the smart cover as partner terminals.

    In the morning we could try in part these terminals to observe both its design and its software. One of the distinguishing points of this range is traces , located on the front sensor, acting as a tactile and physical button. During the first impressions I will explain this issue, do not miss it.

    Similar designs with different materials for the new range Ufeel

    Wiko U Feel Lite Dark Blue Space Grey Compo 2

    the first thing you could see is that you are trying to two compact and very similar terminals to one another , at least as far as the front is concerned. If we look at the back, that is where we find the biggest difference between the two twin brothers, and using different materials.

    As for the Ufeel, we find that the back is plastic of a pretty good quality, but what is striking is that has a rough touch can remember a little of OnePlus one sandstone . The purpose of this is that we have rag hands we will not slip the terminal. Touch, I have to admit, I found pleasant. The side, by the way, that’s metal.

    The Ufeel Lite, despite being the most modest of the two, is the premium design takes, having a rear aluminum , which, like any terminal of this material, it feels cool and gives the feeling of a terminal of well over 200 € (price does not reach either).

    the front of both terminals does not stand out too, with a lower acceptable framework (remember that staying there the button that makes fingerprint sensor), while the top the same you can spare a couple of millimeters. In any case, both terminals are comfortable to carry in your pocket.

    The colors for Ufeel available are chocolate, cream and gray (me getting hungry suddenly), while that for Ufeel Lite are chocolate (did I mention that I’m getting hungry?), gray and pink gold. The front is black in all but the cream and pink gold, which is white.

    In both cases the back cover is removable (yes, in the Lite as well), which we can access the two boards microSIM and microSD. The battery, 2500mAh in both cases , you can not remove. As for the front, only Ufeel brings the edges with the famous 2.5D effect.

    Software Light and decent performance

    Silver White Wiko U Feel Down Front

    One of the first things we keep in mind is that we talk about two terminals which, as expected, Android 6.0 come standard Marshmallow, which helps us to understand that evil can not go. In both cases we find a processor Quad-Core 1.3 GHz MediaTek , the case is ufeel Cortex-A53 and Cortex-Lite is the A7.

    also differ in RAM that bring the teams, where the smallest, the Ufeel Lite brings 2GB of RAM and Ufeel brings 3GB of RAM , which will help us in multitasking. I do not dare to give a verdict in performance, as I would like to make a complete analysis, with games and all, to make a definitive judgment. However, the time that I have tried, have not experienced lag.

    On Android Wiko installed MyLauncher, a layer of customization that changes very little the operation of the operating system, and the vast majority of the changes they are aesthetic. In this regard, although not the prettiest layer, it is true that I have seen much worse, it is a matter of taste.

    If you look at storage, both bring 16 GB, which are free more than 10.5 GB , more or less standard. If you are too small, you can increase it by microSD cards up to 64 GB in both cases.

    A fingerprint sensor with more features than just unlock the terminal

    Wiko U Feel Silver Brown Compo 1

    the fingerprint sensor is located at front , and He serves as the physical button if you want. The way is with the physical buttons on a smartphone from Samsung, but capacitive buttons on the sides. The oddest thing about this is that this button can replace the navigation bar.

    You wonder “And as I sail then? That’s where the fingerprint sensor enters, where a simple touch or dragging from one side to another (the physical button) you go back, squeezing go to the main screen button, and with a long keypress you access to multitasking.

    These features have been tested and have not worked nothing wrong, but from the point of view of a user who has been using all his life a navigation bar may need time to adjust. the advantage is that you have more screen space to enjoy .

    More functions have (and I hope to prove in a final analysis) in addition to unlock the terminal, it is to block files or apps to not go nigún evil being of life and act as shortcut to power set up to 5 fingers (one of them would be to unlock) to access applications and specific functions (call to your brother with a single finger!).

    Same screen, different cameras

    Wiko U Feel Silver Brown Back

    in the section of the screen, in both models we find a size of 5 inches and HD resolution, resulting in a density of 294 ppp . The technology is IPS with the help of the On-Cell technology, which reduces the space between the touch and the glass that protects it.

    In both cases viewing angles are decent , perhaps a slight darkening of the colors when you tilt quite noticeable, but in general are good. As brightness level, since we were in an interior, it looked pretty good, but will issue a definitive judgment to test it in all possible conditions.

    As for the cameras, both terminals differ in the resolution of your rear camera, being 13MP for Ufeel and 8 MP for Ufeel Lite . The front, in both cases, is 5 MP including its own LED flash. The photos I could take are not bad, especially given the price, but again, the verdict in the final analysis.

    I liked the fact that is has a manual mode called “Professional Mode “to adjust various parameters like ISO, exposure, sharpness, etc. I have taken photos of a poster of A man investigated nose (yes, there was a poster of a guy doing nasal archeology), and can say that, so far, have come out decent.

    WiBoard, the smart cover to accompany terminals

    Dsc 0060

    As an accessory for ufeel range we find an intelligent founded called WiBoard that allows you to not only see the time but also see notifications. You can swipe through that window and even open applications, so that when you open the lid is automatically displayed.

    The case has a somewhat rough to be fabric touch, which should not slip from your hands . The same case can serve both terminals and are available in gray, purple and black colors. To customize the colors of the icons have to download the WiBoard application, from which You can customize various aspects shown in the window.

    The event, in short, has been entertaining as I can chat with several of the staff, I cacharreado everything I wanted (which is the best of all), and I brought home a cup Wiko where it says “Your fingers ask for a better future” and must be why so were posters of man and woman picking his nose. It is definitely a great destination.

    Hopefully people Wiko send us at least one of the two models to offer a full analysis from the point of view of a user of Android, testing all kinds of apps (games included), taking pictures under various conditions and seeing how that behaves level of autonomy.


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