With Folding@Home you’ll be able to help the research of diseases while you sleep

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    Xperia Xz

    Our smartphones have a huge amount of utility in our day-to-day, and every generation will be adding more technologies that make them even better. However, there are times that with actions that are very simple can help in various scientific research that can benefit all the world.

    occasionally, something as easy as installing an application can help that these investigations go forward, and Folding@Home is one of them. The only thing that makes this app is to “steal” a little of the power of your mobile phone while you are sleeping, so that it will not affect your daily use.

    Having installed Folding@Home on your smartphone, you can contribute to the research of serious diseases while you sleep.

    Fonding@Home is an application that comes from a project of the same name that has been created by the University of Stanford and Pande Lab, who have been collaborating with Sony Mobile since 2007. The only thing that you have to make the user is connect to the account of Folding@Home and, if you like, share by Facebook the contribution that you’re making.

    to be able To contribute, in the application it is described that the mobile you must be connected to the Wifi network. In addition, the mobile phone must be plugged in to the charger and the battery to 100%. As they say, there is no risk to the safety of the user, because it does not have access to any type of memory, data, application or function, only need a little bit of his power.

    this is intended To advance the research into diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer, or some as infectious as Ebola. the Folding@Home works on any device (of any brand) running Android 4.4 Kitkat or a newer version. Now, with so many mobile of great power, perhaps we can use part of it to contribute without effort.



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    Xataka Android

    With Folding@Home you’ll be able to help the research of diseases while you sleep
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    October 10, 2017

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