Wizard of Google: how to discover what you can do, its news and trends


this week the Wizard of Google in Spanish integrates third-party applications, that means that we interact with other bots through voice commands, which allows us to speak with other services.

on the occasion of this news, the Wizard of Google also activated Spanish the new section Explore, which allows us to discover all we can do from now on with the wizard.

What can you do?


Until now we only had the voice command What can you do? to discover what it is that could make the wizard, but that command only shows the own commands of Google, is not shows the commands of third-party applications.

Wizard of Google

see all the voice commands and built-in apps we have to go to the new section Explore whose icon appears in the top right of the Wizard. We can also access this section with the voice command What can you do? and asking for “More options”.

Wizard of Google

There you will see all the voice commands and the built-in applications that support the Wizard of Google in our language. Clicking on an application will see their assessment, several examples of their commands, on which devices are available to those commands and the option to rate the application.

Discover the novelties and trends

Wizard of Google

The Wizard of Google from now on will not stop receiving the built-in applications in Spanish, and the way to discover them is in the section what’s New. We will also see Trends commands or applications of the moment, the most commonly used.

Explore your commands and built-in apps by category

Wizard of Google

At the bottom of this section to Explore find a shortcut to view All categories. There we will see the voice commands and built-in applications classified by themes.


Use your browser

Wizard of Google

we Also found a browser to write what you want to do to see if there is a voice command or application that support your query.

from the computer

Wizard of Google

If you want to see all of your voice commands and built-in apps from the computer you can do comfortably entering the official page of the Wizard Google:

In Xataka Android | How to make a shopping list with the Wizard of Google

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Wizard of Google: how to discover what you can do, its news and trends
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