World of Warcraft is updated with the patch 7.1.5

With a nod to Overwatch included.

Blizzard has announced the availability of the new patch World of Warcraft: Legion, that will give us paths what’s new and will include winks the other big game of the company, Overwatch.


The patch updates 7.1.5

This patch will contain features such as system updates, rewards, and content permanent: things that are not related to any main story. These are some of the new features of the patch 7.1.5:

Ride in the time in Pandaria

In this patch, go to add six dungeons in Mists of Pandaria the cycle Ride back in time: Temple of the Jade serpent, Brewery of the Thunder, the Monastery of the shado-pan, Gate of the setting Sun, the Palace Mogu’shan and Siege of Temple of Niuzao.

Season 3 brawler’s guild

The brawler’s guild closed its doors for refurbishment at the end of Warlords of Draenor, but the team will reopen for a new season. Here, find a nod to Overwatch.

“In the patch 7.1.5 we will be introducing a lot of new bosses to put you to the test and will add a new challenge called Brawling, which is activated from time to time and, when it does, the spectators will be to the action and will face a chief-of-band”, have been explained from the company. In addition, the players also can get gold to provide some benefits to fellow brawler and buy some new rewards for having been a part of the event.


unlike festivals such as the Winter Festival, which lasts for several weeks, microfiestas are brief holiday events with new activities for the players. “For example, you may invite the citizens of Azeroth to commemorate a particular moment of its history during a single day”, have been explained. These are activities in which players can participate for fun and not for rewards determinants for the game.

“With the patch 7.1.5, we will implement a series of microfiestas and we intend to add more with the passage of time. The purpose of each one of them is that the world is more dynamic and continue to offer varied activities and fun, but without the players feel an obligation to participate to get great rewards”.

Update of the Arena in blade’s edge Mountains

Since Blizzard have stated that “although we are pleased with how it works this map, we have given a brand new coat of paint to maintain consistency with the rest of the world and, in addition, we will introduce a fun new feature: now an ogre discuss your battles in blade’s edge and will announce the major events”.

Updates of class

The patch 7.1.5 will be the first attempt by the company to address some of the problems of general class. Thus, “we are waiting for the rows of talents in order to increase diversity. For example, in the row of Barrage for hunters Marksmanship seems that there is only one option that must be chosen to force the margin of the style of game. There is room for improvement and our goal is that everyone feels that you can customize your character to your taste.”

“we Also will focus on the relative weight of statistics secondary as haste, mastery and critical strike. These tend to be very disparate between the different specializations, which can make an object that should be an enhancement not be as attractive as we would like. we Want to make sure that these differences between the best and the worst may not be as large as they sometimes are“.

World of Warcraft was updated with the patch 7.1.5

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World of Warcraft is updated with the patch 7.1.5
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