‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ could also return, this time to NBC

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    Xena The remakes are no longer enough for American television, which has now been launched headfirst into the reboot , to bring back legendary series of 90, in this case. If FOX continues to build ahead with teasers return varied from ‘Expediente X ‘, it turns out that NBC is considering resurrecting’ Xena: Warrior Princess’ , the series of fantastic adventures made famous by Lucy Lawless.

    two producers of the original series, Sam Raimi and Rob Talpert, are behind this reboot , but the project is still in its infancy. Writer is being sought to take charge of the pilot and also have to look for a new Xena , someone in The Hollywood Reporter that he has made the news, pointing should have the charisma of Lawless and resources Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist of ‘The Hunger Games’ . Lucy Lawless is also involved in the project, but it is unknown how.

    This reimagining of pastiche of Greek mythology and genre of sword and sorcery screens could reach the year that is, if the process goes fast, but little has been made public. Raimi and Talpert already have ready for release ‘Ash Vs The Evil Dead’ Starz translation to the film series ‘The Evil Dead’, which was a trailer in la Comic-Con last . San Diego also mentioned the possibility of the return of Xena. In particular, they commented on algunas Lawless interviews and Bruce Campbell, but then he was not given greater importance

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    News “Xena: Warrior Princess’ could also return, this time to NBC was originally published in Go Tele by Such Marina.

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    ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ could also return, this time to NBC
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    July 21, 2015

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