Xiaomi discontinues support for seven of their devices, the Redmi 4 between them

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    Xiaomi discontinues support for seven of their devices, the Redmi 4

    a couple of months Ago, Xiaomi announced that the family Redmi was going to be a separate brand. With time, this sub has been released with the launch of some terminals such as the Redmi 7 and Redmi Note 7, but this step forward seems to be involved sacrifices. Seven, to be exact.

    according to Redmi, “as part of the strategy of global brand Redmi and to better ensure the stability of the devices Redmi”, the brand has decided to make some “adjustments” in the strategy updates of MIUI, which is expressed, for practical purposes, seven devices Redmi have lost the official support.

    Seven mobile phones are left without updates

    Redmi Pro Xiaomi Redmi Pro.

    According to the press release of Redmi posted in the official forum of Xiaomi, “the team of Redmi will not offer ROMs development” for seven devices (listed below). The ROMs development are the step prior to the release of a stable ROM and overall. In them they test the new versions of Android/MIUI, Polish failures and errors are corrected. No ROMs of developers implies that no development and, therefore, just the support.

    yes, stop the updates does not mean they are going to stop receiving security patches. The seven terminals that will lose the support are the following:

    As you can see, are older devices, so it is understandable that the firm has decided to stop offering updates. The Redmi Note 3 will be launched in February 2016, the Redmi 3S was presented next to the model, Prime in June 2016, the Redmi Pro came in August of the same year, the 4A and 4A Prime in November, the Redmi Note in January 2017 and the Redmi 4 Overall in may 2017. the All of them have two or more years of life.

    All devices have two or more years of life, so it is normal that the signature has stopped offering updates of development

    From Redmi claim that the cycle of the updates for other devices will not be affected for now. They also recommend to leave the ROM development and switch to the stable version, something that makes sense of face-to-receive security updates. An interesting point is that since the firm say that “we will have a program in the future” to test new features of MIUI in the form of beta. Give more information “as you near the date.”

    Via | Xiaomi

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    The news Xiaomi discontinues support for seven of its devices, the Redmi 4 between them was originally published in Xataka Android by Jose García Nieto .

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    Xiaomi discontinues support for seven of their devices, the Redmi 4 between them
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    April 5, 2019

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