Yalo is the new butler who works through WhatsApp in Mexico

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    Yalo is the new butler who works through WhatsApp in Mexico

    Yalo is like Magic in the United States or Yexir in Spain, a virtual butler in Mexico. WhatsApp works through and we can ask anything.

    A few months ago we talked about Yexir a Spanish startup that is basically a kind of virtual butler who works through WhatsApp. It is actually nothing more than a replica of a previous model born in the United States, Magic . Now it Yalo , a Mexican startup continues with this model: a butler through WhatsApp that ask about anything through its number (+55 6678 0769), both queries and requests for physical goods. If “Yexir” came from apócope adapted English Yes, sir , “Yalo” is a contraction of “already” for the full phrase “I want it”.

    consultations vs purchases

    Enquiries, reservations, etc, which do not involve a monetary transaction are free . Some examples of queries that will be performed Yalo: book a table for four on Saturday at nine p.m. at a particular restaurant, find a personal trainer, find a language school near our home, etc.

    queries can be done from all over Mexico, purchases only from Mexico City on the other hand, purchases do include a commission to Yalo in final price . A Yalo you may be asked to bring us a white shirt size L work, home video games, order food at home, a bottle of wine, slippers we arrive to the gym, etc. In these cases, Yalo applies the commission on the price and let us know the total amount before confirming the order

    An important point:. queries can be made from all over Mexico, but purchases only from Mexico City , at least for now. Charging is performed through Stripe platform. The first time we make a payment we will send an HTTPS link you will note our data and our credit card (VISA or MasterCard). From there, the card is stored for subsequent payments. Yalo insists that only made us when we have authorized charges.


    Yalo is the new butler who works through WhatsApp in Mexico
    Source: www.hipertextual.com  
    March 20, 2016

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