You Android dictionary knows the vocabulary that is used in Android


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Android operating system is number one right now, thanks in part to that is free code. Thanks to that we can make many modifications to our mobile.

We often want to get their hands on our mobile but do not understand some words because they are new to us. So today we bring you an Android dictionary so that we no longer have any excuse to get their hands on your smartphone.

ADB – is a tool that we find it in the Android SDK, we can tinker with our smartphone.

  • APK – is the extension of Android applications, all file bearing the extension shall be enforceable in our smartphone.
  • Backup – backup system or data apliaciones.
  • Bootloader – The bootloader of our smartphone, is responsible for loading the operating system. Many smartphones come with the bootloader locked so we can not install roms personalizadas.Liberarlo gives us the power to install any ROM, Kernel, System or partition of the phone. have a tutorial on how to unlock the bootloader officially the Sony Xperia.
  • Brick – unusable state in which an electronic device is when improperly altered some of the critical components of the same, as the firmware or bootloader, so can not return them to normal operation.
  • downgrade – It’s down version of our operating system.
  • Firmware

  • – This is the version of our system Opeativo. The flashing can change.
  • Flashing – is installing a new OS on your smartphone. We have a tutorial on how to flash the Sony Xperia.
  • Kernel – is the heart of the OS. He is responsible for the software and hardware on your computer can work together.
  • Launcher – is our home screen application drawer where we have our applications, widgets and other . We can install countless alternative launchers on our smartphone from the Play Store.
  • MHL – is a protocol that converts the output of our smartphone MicroUSB to HDMI via an adapter. We are implementing high-end smartphones.
  • OTA
  • – It means “Over The Air”. It’s the way that manufacturers have the suministar OS updates . They come directly to your smartphone without having to connect it to the PC.
  • OTG – Means “On The Go”. He’s a MicroUSB output that allows us to connect our smartphone pen drives, hard disks, video game controls, etc.
  • Radio – Come to be the drivers of the smartphone. Mobile hardware controls and communicates with the system.
  • Recovery – This is a menu where you can modify parts of the system. We apply MODS, ERASE the data (WIPE), install ROMS, backups, etc..
  • rooting – Android systems usually come locked so we can not touch her ‘ roots’. Rooting gives us access to these roots so we can modify the operating system at will (always carefully). Basically it’s like we come with Microsoft Windows folder ‘C: Windows’ locked for not being able to touch her, and we agreed to it.
  • SDK – A toolkit that Google provides to make changes in the system or application development.
  • More information

    The news will bring Android 5.0 , Bootloader Unlock your Sony Xperia , Flash your Sony Xperia

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    You Android dictionary knows the vocabulary that is used in Android

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