You can already test Star Wars Battlefront II on Origin/EA Access

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    The progress made in multiplayer will remain on the launch.

    Star Wars Battlefront II is released on the 17th of November, but subscribe to Origin/EA Access, you can access a proof of 10 hours of this title, on Xbox One and PC.

    The test limits the number of missions in the campaign, but it’s all part of the multiplayer is available -within the limit of time. The servers are already active, and any progress made will be kept in the official release. It is also already adapted to the Xbox One X.


    Today, you have shown some videos campaign -although I noticed that you can include spoilers – that is one of the novelties with respect to the first Battlefront along with the content of all the movies -and not only from the first trilogy-.

    we Recently published our impressions of the campaign, and we conclude that “this is a sequel that seems to have learned from their mistakes and that, not only features a campaign mode canon and very ambitious, but its multiplayer is now more extensive and profound than the original. To discover all that you can to become this sequel will have to wait until the 17th of November, a day which will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC”.

    you can try Star Wars Battlefront II on Origin/EA Access

    You can already test Star Wars Battlefront II on Origin/EA Access
    November 8, 2017

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