YouTube for Android begins to activate your dark theme

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    Dark Theme

    Since last night the official app of YouTube for Android began to turn gradually to its new dark theme, functionality, from march carry on enjoying iOS users.

    at the moment there are very few users who already have the novelty of the application of YouTube, Google is launching the dark theme of echelon form, apparently in the testing phase, which could take several weeks to reach out to the world.

    dark Theme

    Youtube Dark

    According to users lucky enough to already have the dark theme is available, this functionality seems to be active in the implementation of night, showing a pop-up window announcing the availability of this new feature, inviting the user to try the new dark theme.

    The dark theme goes out of the interface white to a interface dark gray, to make more pleasant the use of the application when there is not much ambient light. So we don’t dazzle you the mobile when we go out to explore or look for new videos.

    Youtube Dark Theme

    the new color of the interface can be activated from Account > Settings > General > dark Theme. Does not activate automatically, it must be done manually as is the case in their web versions and for iOS.

    Via | AP
    Xataka Android | How to enable the new dark theme of Snapseed for Android

    The news YouTube for Android begins to activate his dark theme was originally published in Xataka Android by Cosmos .

    Xataka Android

    YouTube for Android begins to activate your dark theme
    July 29, 2018

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