YouTube for Android to receive its dark theme, and incognito mode and more

Youtube White

When the August of last year YouTube changed completely its interface the company’s video portal also ad new features that would come in the future, and it seems that that future is already around the corner.

The new version YouTube 13.0 has been eviscerated to see in your source code what are the new features that Google is working on its application, and the application appears to be already prepared to activate in the coming weeks these new features:

dark Theme

Since last year, the web version of YouTube allows you to activate your new dark theme, which changes the target of the interface by a dark grey, perfect for using the application when we have the light turned off. This way it seems that finally will come to our mobile. The guys of Android Police we show in the following image you will see the dark theme for YouTube for Android.

Youtube Dark

Swipe to skip ads

YouTube also announced last year that new gestures would come to its official app, and it seems the next to arrive will be a gesture to skip the ads. When we see an ad, and the button “Skip ad” it seems that you can jump by sliding with the finger, thus avoiding that you touch by mistake the announcement when we are going to touch that little button.

incognito Mode

finally, it seems that YouTube will use a incognito mode to leave no trace in our history of videos that have been viewed in our device and Google account.

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YouTube for Android to receive its dark theme, and incognito mode and more

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