YouTube puts an end to the YouTube app Gaming

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    It was an app specializing in video video games.

    Youtube has decided to put an end to the application YouTube Gaming, an app independent of Youtube launched in 2015, but focused on giving visibility to the related videos and video games, and so compete directly with Twitch, the popular platform for video games.

    According to reports Vandal Ware, Youtube has acknowledged that it has not much sense -all the videos, any topic, meet with the app-general of Youtube – and that very few users of Youtube were using, or knew of, this application.

    “This is not to say that Google say goodbye to the area of gaming, nor much less, since, as of now, the section of video games YouTube will include some changes of the most interesting to try to attract the public fond of our way of leisure favorite,” according to Vandal Ware.

    The portal of YouTube Gaming will offer a carousel of videos and custom pages specific to each game to which we can subscribe. It will also display a list of related direct games and discover videos of smaller channels.

    YouTube puts an end to the YouTube app Gaming
    September 19, 2018

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