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Google Photos: Deleting a photo or video of the device without erasing your backup

With the unlimited free high-quality storage (photos up to 16 megapixels and 1080p videos) Google Photos can always carry in our devices synchronized all our photographs and videos

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Star Wars Force Collection: Use the Force to get the best cards

Star Wars license is no stranger to video games, but at the same time we can not say that Android can find many examples. Fortunately, the galactic saga

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新的应用谷歌被评为2012年最好的科普创新。虽然许多人认为这是一个很大的应用由谷歌设计,但事实是,很快成为我们日常生活中不可缺少的一部分,一个向导,它真的在我们的需求方面向前迈进了一步,承诺和细节。 当然,谷歌有负面的,让我们关注谷歌对我们的巨大力量,因为它所有的个人数据被添加到配置文件,知道我们的口味和程序。但是,如果我们抛开追理论,并停止在所有的实际目的,谷歌现在真的是一个伟大的社会创新。 应用程序在后台工作,是从第一个版本的 Android的果冻豆。作为负责编制的总结,我们的日历信息,地点,朋友,时间和通知系统,这将提醒我们的东西作为重要的生日,在回家的路上交通,我们的足球队的结果, 。 为什么被授予创新​​奖科普 2012年?因为谷歌不只是一个向导,使用语音命令做什么我所吩咐你的,真的是一步了我们一次,我们的个人信息和赞扬的电影,道路和各种通知,我们不再一无所知 更多 – 的Andr​​oid 4.2即将降落,我们提出的所有资讯 链接 – Androtalk 文章 border=’0’> 的 Androidsis

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What is the new Cydia Substrate for Android and how it works

Cydia Many of you know that you have a friend or family member who has an iPhone that has jailbreak. Then you will know all the things you

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The brothers Russo believe that ‘Avengers 4’ is his best film, and Marvel promises a “definitive end” to its superheroes

Marvel Studios was the big absent of the past Comic-con San Diego, a circumstance that took advantage of Warner and DC to present the trailers of ‘¡Shazam!’ and

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‘Velvet’ also end in the fourth season

The streak ad end of series continues. The latest to announce it has been ‘ Velvet’, the romantic drama of Antena 3 . the chain has used the

‘The house of paper’, what you need to know

We have a new girl in the office. It is called ‘the house of paper’ and wants to be divine… Antena 3 is committed to fictions, with elements

‘Velvet’ will say goodbye with scenes in live to your last chapter

the final season of The ‘Velvet‘ it is still a remarkable success for Antena 3. Release it with that promotion from the beginning to the fact that their

OPPO has its R7s, with metal finish, SoC Snapdragon 615 and 4 GB of RAM

OPPO still stomping the accelerator, and amid the transition between large mobile last year and the first to come next year took the opportunity to present his new

Wie Whatsapp auf zwei Geräte gleichzeitig installieren

Whatsapp ist zu einem unverzichtbaren Anwendung für viele Anwender für seine enorme Vielseitigkeit permanent mit all seinen Freunden und Bekannten, eine Anwendung, die notwendig geworden ist, aber Unverträglichkeiten

Update Samsung Galaxy S Advance

Today I bring you a complete tutorial where I show you how to update Samsung Galaxy S Advance with any firmware either through the air ( via OTA)