A board game is the most funded of 2018 on Kickstarter

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    Tainted Grail is a sprawling role-playing game that will have digital version on Steam.

    The major funding campaign in Kickstarter during 2018 has been a game, but not a video game as in other years, but a title of table. The success has gone to, as well, in Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon, a board game designed by the Polish team Awaken Realms, who created the board game inspired by the video game This War of Mine. But fans of the video games are in luck in any case: the people in charge want to make this game also a video game and its vversion digital could release in early access for the PC via Steam in the summer of 2019.

    This involves an interesting change in the recent history of Kickstater, because although it is true that board games tend to have in their set a few campaigns healthy, it was quite frequent that the video games take a leading role in the table’s record of funding in the platform year after year.

    A rich world with an extensive book to tell your story

    however, with $ 6.25 million raised, this game has achieved that honor in 2018. The title presents a world inspired by the cycles of arthurian, with many elements of mythology celtic. Proposes a cooperative experience with letters to the fighting, and relies on an extensive book that tells the entire story through a history of more than 100,000 words.

    The game is structured in 15 different chapters and the most extensive can give you up to four hours of departure. If we add to that that the game offers different options to go forward in the story, and that, therefore, there are notable divergences in the story, this role-playing game table will also be replayable.

    In 2019 there will be a version in early access for the PC

    fans of The role, but not so much to the table games are, in any case, congratulations: Awaken Realms has expressed its desire to develop a digital version of the title, so you will follow the path of other titles such as Carcassone or Trivial Pursuit and end up with a version in the video game, at least on the PC.

    By the time the physical version of the table will be ready to be sent out in August of 2019, in time for Gen con, a prominent convention of board games and role-Indianapolis (Indiana). Expect it to be in summer of 2019 when the desktop version would begin in early access.

    The game table is expected to arrive in multiple languages, including Spanish, so we hope that in its version for computer to take advantage of these translations to offer it also in our language.

    A board game is the most funded of 2018 on Kickstarter

    A board game is the most funded of 2018 on Kickstarter
    Source: www.vandal.net  
    January 6, 2019

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