Apartum comparing the best holiday apartments

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    We have many websites that facilitate the rental homes, apartments and temporary stays, and contain specific ads, real estate or businesses. Some sites even allow us to book directly from the site.

    If you look for a website specialized in vacation home rentals anywhere in Spain and abroad, a good option can be the website Apartum , which now persentaron loogic . Founded by entrepreneur Sergi Villaubí in Apartum can directly enter the days when we do break and the number of guests to the site we recommend the best apartments to choose destinations (Budapest, Costa Brava, Hamburg, Madrid, Milan, Warsaw, Munich, Majorca, Benidorm, Edinburgh, San Sebastian, Florence, Lisbon and New York among others). After the search, we listed the apartments offered with price, image, and several details of the offer and the apartment (square meters, ratings, or exact location).

    Today, the site includes 110,000 apartments to recommend, 20,500 of them in Spain. The business model is based on the collaboration of the website with agencies that pay a certain amount for each user visits your site received Apartum.

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    Apartum comparing the best holiday apartments
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    February 14, 2013

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