Marshmallow is beginning to reach for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S


I can think of several sayings with which it could illustrate the news, but after much deliberation the end I’m going to decant for “speaking the King of Rome and looks out the door.” Just a week ago we suffered a emotional roller coaster to know that Marshmallow not reach the Galaxy Tab S, then hear the opposite, maybe.

Well, yes Marshmallow not only reach these tablets 8.4 and 10.5 inches, but has already arrived, at least the model SM-T805, than the LTE variant of the 10.5-inch tablet corresponds. The firmware is now available in specialized page SamMobile in the region of Germany, so now it’s just matter of time before spreading to other models


The update to Android 6.0.1 is available only in the German version, though if you are really impatient and have exactly the same model, nothing prevents you flash the firmware on your tablet SM-T805.


Samsung distributes its Galaxy Tab S tablets under a very large number of versions. For example, the Tab S has 8.4 inch model names SM-T700, SM-T705, SM-T707, SM-T710, SM-T15, each with versions for different countries, and as many for 10, 5 inches, which in his case starting with SM-T800. For now Marshmallow

only appears in that particular variant. In this endless model list could be the explanation for the discrepancy between the response Samsung Netherlands (that said there would be updated) with Samsung Greece (who said yes). Marshmallow may only be compiled for some of these models, and not for others

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