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If you are longing to get back to the casino or need something to get you fired up for the fantasy football season, then you might want to try a betting app for your mobile device. The experts have scoured the Web and surveyed many options to determine which is the best betting apps on mobile. The truth is, there are actually a number of great gambling apps and sites for players to download, so check out the offerings below as well as some tips and hints for choosing the best app for you.

The Changing Face of Bookmaker Apps

Back in the day, sports and casino fans who wanted to bet at home would use bookmaker apps, which are still used today but in a wider capacity. Previously, bookmaker apps simply allowed a user to place a bet and watch what happened. Nowadays, there are so many other features and aspects that go into these apps that it is like a whole new world. For instance, some of the most popular and successful apps on the market include those that live stats and leaderboard figures, as well as features where you can record sportsbook information like players, teams, and predictions for a game or a season. The best betting apps will include even more amenities, such as corresponding blogs and articles, or resources and forums that keep players abreast of the latest news and advancements.

Fun For Sports Fans

So let’s say that you are a huge sports buff and you are into all things fantasy football, soccer, baseball, etc. Some of the best sports betting apps include information on daily updates and statistics, as well as mock play and sportsbooks where you can keep track of your bets and predictions. Many professional sports leagues are now on the betting app scene, with bettors able to look up previews of games and the latest news about players. Whether you are looking to place bets for the NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, or college ball, you can find it all with these stellar sports betting apps. Serious bettors will have a great time competing against others in real time and interacting through forums, posts, and comments. A variety of bets allows for easier use and more fun for all!

Prolific Poker and Casino Apps

If you are more into casino games like poker, than there are definitely downloads and apps for you. The best betting app on mobile for poker fans will include the latest technology, features, and advancements to allow for rapid and smooth bets and transitions. Part of being in a casino is being surrounded by the lights and sounds of the slots and table games. Players who are betting from home through mobile apps want to have a taste of that same experience, so app developers have really been stepping up their game to include flashing lights and realistic sound effects that will transport players to the casino of their dreams. Developers have done the research and they have determined that online bettors want more games, greater variety in betting actions and interaction with other players, as well as an easy-to-use interface.

Best Bets for Android Users

Okay, now where can you find these downloadable apps if you are an Android user? The Top 5 include, Ladbrokes, Coral, SkyBet, and WilliamHill. Each of these mobile betting apps uses advanced encryption methods to ensure that each player’s’ assets and personal information is safe and secure. Moreover, these apps are available in a wide range of languages, which allows for global gameplay and even more excitement. Live streaming and in-play action are readily available no matter where a player is in the world; all they have to do is click the button to jump into the game. Easy and swift payment can be made with a credit card or via PayPal, which is accepted in a large number of countries. The latest news and sports entertainment is featured in a simply read format. Developers have been striving to provide a gambling experience that is as easy on mobile as it is on PC, and they have done it.

Top Picks for iOS Users

Now onto the iOS users, who will find no shortage of amazing betting apps on their mobile devices. The Top 5 gambling apps that iOS users are playing on right now are SkyBet, WilliamHill,, Coral, and Many of the iOS apps include stunning graphics, a simple to navigate user interface, and perks and rewards, such as $20 in free betting cash when you spend $5 on a bet. There are also club and membership amenities for those who are really into the betting circuit. All players have to do is simply download the app and start placing their bets. They can use the forums and blog posts to share information and ask for tips, while mock sportsbooks and scorecards make keeping tabs on bets and earnings easier than ever before.

Tips and Things to Remember

All of this being said, there are some friendly reminders and hints that would be good to clarify. First and foremost, gambling can quickly turn into an addiction, so if you feel that you are no longer in control of your betting and spending, refrain from these apps immediately and tell a friend or loved one. Don’t let something fun and exciting turn into a criminal offense. These mobile betting apps are for adults only, and should not be used by anyone under the age of 18 (some companies may require players to be 21 or older.) Bettors should always make sure that they have verified their account as well as the credibility of the app. That is why it is in everyone’s best interest to go with the most popular and widely used mobile gambling apps to ensure financial safety and identity protection. Placing your bets and interacting with others can be enjoyable and a great pastime. Be responsible, keep your wits about you, and have fun.

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Download a Winning Betting App
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