11 House of Cards curiosities you need to know before the release of his third season

11 curiosities of House of Cards you should meet before the release of his third season

A few hours the premiere of the third season of House of Cards is a good time to review some curiosities .

The wait is almost over. The third season of the acclaimed series, House of Cards , is just to be within reach. Many fans around the world hope that precious moment when on the platform of streaming , Netflix , already have access to new episodes of Frank Underwood. Thus, to increase a little more expectation and excitement for this season, it did not disappoint sure, these curiosities that may not know of the series and it is worth reviewing. Enjoy!


1. Richard III is this

No doubt that Kevin Spacey makes a great role as Frank Underwood . Personally I started watching the show just because this actor is the protagonist, clear that all House of Cards liked and so I followed faithfully. The thing to note here is how complex it can be for making such an epic like Underwood , and in this case, the earlier work of Spacey gave the character background perfect for his role as starred in the play Richard III . This staging of the play by William Shakespeare directed by Sam Mendes, seems to be the perfect lead for a character like Underwood. Richard III is a Machiavellian man with a thirst for power, makes it necessary to conserve and scale from the bottom to the crown. Sounds familiar?

2. It breaks the fourth wall

The term refers to the imaginary wall that is where the viewing public is , whether for television, film, theater; is through the audience sees which scenes. One of the essential marks of House of Cards is that Frank Underwood breaks the fourth wall . Ie that addresses the audience that we observe, and speaks to us. Wonderful.

frank Underwood

3. It has a British past

What we have seen with emotion Netflix is ​​the new British American version of the original series, which debuted on television as miniseries in 1990 . In turn, this British version is based on the novel by Michael Dobbs. If you have not seen this series, candle, is tremendous. In the case of Francis Urquhart (as it is called our British Frank) was played by the great Ian Richardson, and is located in the succession of Margaret Thatcher . The climb to power that makes Francis is different due to differences between the institutions of both countries. What is you will not miss manipulation, false flattery, the use of people … the deaths. Even the protagonist breaks the fourth wall, this resource does masterfully Ian Richardson. Wonderful.

4. ‘The Peachoid’ there


Joseph Francis” Frank “Underwood , which is the full name of this anti-hero, was born in Gaffney, South Carolina. Here, yes there is a large peach we see the scene in the first season, in chapter 3 . During this episode Frank must return to defend this monument, which even has a picture in his office. The big peach is put as a pretext to strike at Frank, but we know that he always uses these setbacks.

The Peachoid has a reputation for himself, and function is to be a tower water stored around 3.8 million liters . He is known as “ The Peach “, “ Mr. Peach ” and “ The Moon over Gaffney “.


5. Politicians love him

Who? Who is going to be, Frank Underwood. It is known that many politicians still chapters. Last year, before it was released the second season in the account of Barak Obama the following was written:

Also, also last year, Kevin Spacey visited Mexico as part of a government event in Cancun. After href=”https://twitter.com/KevinSpacey/status/464119744035946497″ publish a photo with the President of Mexico and this in turn “presume” that lived actor of House of Cards, and added to that was made a splash by the presence of the actor in such event, days later Spacey wrote one second tweet explaining that this was a joke.

6. It is inspired by real life

During the first season, remember that for the day 100 government seeks a reform in education substantial, this, with the address of the Frank Underwood as the vice president is losing favor the president himself. This is very similar to what happened John F. Kennedy when he signed the Equal Pay Reform .

Also remember that the picture using Zoe Barnes to get the attention of Frank is also inspired by real life. Although, this, yes it was published and gave much to talk about.


7. His parody called House of Bricks

A few days ago, Sesame Street introduced to Frank Underwolf a wolf who is only interested in the white brick house. This Frank meets all the requirements of House of Cards is ruthless, calculating and breaks the fourth wall

8. Wink from time to time in the British series

“Now you think That might very well, but of course, I could not possibly comment” says one Francis Urquhart, several times throughout the chapters. This sentence is as powerful as evil . Likewise, Frank Underwood says in the first chapter, nods to the British series are many, including this. Another would be that everyone calls except Claire Frank, his wife, who always says Francis.

9. Season 3 was released by error

A few weeks ago, earlier this month, Netflix mistakenly released the third season. Then he retired a few minutes. That time was enough for everyone talked about it and lamentáramos all were a mistake. In the Twitter account of House of Cards issued the following:

10. ‘House of Nerds’ assaulted a gala dinner

This is the name of a sketch Kevin Speacy made for the Correspondents’ Dinner , which is gala dinner performs correspond Association annually. This association’s up journalists covering news from the White House. During dinner attended by all members of her and the President of the United States in turn. For dinner, 2013, after the first season of the series and its success was held this sketch for transmission over dinner.

11. It has a crew special

David Fincher is in charge of the series. It is said that once had with all his team gave a word of “warm welcome”

Every single person in this room dealer to our first choice, so do not f * ck esta up. If you do, I will never forgive you.

Michel Gill and Jayne Atkinson-house-of-cards

Michael Gill and Jayne Atkinson who interpret the Chairman Garrett Walker and Secretary of State Cathy Durant, respectively, are married in real life .


Rachel Posner , is the classic character was only going to look very little and longer than you thought it was. This reminded me of the role of Jesse Pinkman Breakin Bad who would only be in the first season and well, you know that this was not so. A Rachel Posner interpreted the actiz Rachel Brosnahan .


Lucas Goodwin interpreted Sebastian Arcelus . This guy was chosen by the same Kate Mara (Zoe) who share many scenes with him.

Happy Return House of Cards!

It only remains to add This weekend will be intense for many due to the season premiere. And you, do you see all the chapters or dosificas? I see the shot even though I know that soon I will have to wait long. Hypertext We are fans of the series and hope you enjoy it big.



11 House of Cards curiosities you need to know before the release of his third season
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February 27, 2015

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