5 reasons to devote time to volunteer

5 reasons to devote time to volunteer

Have you ever thought of devoting a few hours to a volunteer activity? We give you five reasons why you should not postpone it any longer.

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Volunteering may appear, seen from outside, one of those things people do it has too much time on their hands. Viewed from inside, we dedicate part of our time to social work know it’s not that those hours left over us, but do it for many reasons that go beyond monetary compensation for a job and They do volunteer activity that fills our lives and amply rewards our efforts. There are more than five reasons to devote some of your hours to voluntary activity, but I think with these five should be enough to convince you:

Get experience

Whether you’re starting your career as if love is not something you studied and do not know how to get started, volunteering in a related activity is a great way to accumulate experience in the area you’re interested. Communities that are formed around these activities are full of knowledge and always willing to help, so you can learn without fear and with the support of other people who already have experience.

Meeting people things in common

When we are young, our friendships are formed slightly proximity: neighbors, the boys who studied in our own class, college buddies. But part of becoming an adult is go distilling that group of people and go find people with whom you have real things in common: values, goals, like life projects. Just as take a course in something that interests you so much it’s a way to find new friends, volunteering is another surefire way to find people with similar values ​​and interests, which will be easy to make friends because they are based on that shared fundamental basis.

Make contacts

inevitably return for various reasons the concept of community, since I believe that is one of the most valuable aspects volunteerism. Many of the people you know are already working in the area that interests you, and for that reason will become capital invaluable when asking for advice or professional recommendations. A network of volunteers is a great place to find a mentor, a figure very important for someone who is starting place in any field.

Milton Hershey School Students Volunteer at Fort Indiantown Gap licensed CC BY NC ND 2.0

Get opportunities

Much of what we call “luck” is only the possibility of being in the right place at the right time. Really involved with a community linked to the cause you care about is the best way to find out about jobs, scholarships, events, competitions and other kinds of opportunities related you could use to advance your career, build professional relationships, travel and learn more about your interests. There is a world of information that you’re missing by not being active in these communities now.

Making the world a little better

Of course, both opportunism could not be everything. The biggest reason for volunteering is, no doubt, the possibility of granting a purpose to your life. Studies have determined that people who spend part of their time to do something for their community or their world are happier and healthier. Contrary to what may seem, spend some of your time to volunteer will not make you less productive for the rest of your activities, but much more, because it will be filled with energy and desire to continue to undertaking new things. This advantage, in my opinion, is the most important, because there is nothing like the feeling of jumping out of bed in the morning wanting to do what you have to do that day.

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