A mask which transcribes speech to messages with an app, the ‘smart mask’ is perfect for the social distance

According to the outbreaks are intensifying -in Spain and also in other places in the world – are coming to light the ingenious projects and ideas that have been brewing these months to put up barriers to the expansion of the COVID-19. Given that its use has become the norm in many countries, one of the markets that is succeeding is the one of the masks technology.

A startup of japanese technology called a Donut Labs is developing the C-Face, Smart Mask, a mask intelligent that connects to your mobile and is able to pass on what you say via message, and even translate from japanese to eight other languages.

Is a device white plastic adapts to facial masks standard that we, which filter the air and protect from exposure to coronavirus and other pathogens. The tires of the C-Face Smart Mask will pass through the openings of the apparatus so that the mask underneath is perfectly placed and adjusted.

To work just going through Bluetooth to a dedicated application to mobile phone and tablet. As we said, the gadget you can transcribe the speech in text messages, but also to make calls or to amplify the voice of the user.

Taisuke Ono, executive director of Donut Robotics, told Reuters that the technology behind this project is due to the few robots that had been previously developed -that they were going to be used as guides and translators for an airport of Tokyo – and was adapted to create “a product that responds to how the coronavirus has remodelled the society”.

In a historical moment in which are asking us to maintain the social distance, a mask amplify the voice or transcribe what you say in the form of digital text can have a meaning. Especially, as the company says in its promotional video, in everyday situations in which you have to interact with someone, as in the reception of a company or a hotel -or even a public building, or of a hospital – the cashier at the grocery store or a work meeting. The goal is to help others understand better what you say -and vice versa.

The application also promises to translate what is said up to eight languages, including Spanish, so that it can be particularly useful for people who travel frequently. Even say they are “planning to install a function of augmented reality”.

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A mask which transcribes speech to messages with an app, the ‘smart mask’ is perfect for the social distance
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July 23, 2020

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