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Something that accompanies each Android device that hits the market (and any device, to deceive) are accessories : that other big business behind phones and tablets that compete in both official manufacturers and manufacturers who are dedicated exclusively to it. It ends up being more lucrative are probably the covers, these accessories promise us some more security against drops and bumps in exchange for sacrificing design and some other benefits. But what types of cases we have? What is the best suited to our needs?

This article will talk about cases in general, and although we quote a few examples, it is best to seek the sheath ideal for your Android yourselves once ye have clear what is your official cover, as cover all Android Marketplace is impossible.

Cases vs

official third covers


Before you start, you have to make a difference when talking about cases one hand we have the cases that we sell as officers and promise to fit like a glove, while others have made by third parties who also promise us all that at a cheaper price or offer features not official ( as additional batteries, for example). An official case does not have to be better than a third case, there are many exceptions to this rule, but each must assess whether the additional cost is worth the official over other alternatives. And we can buy cheap cases on the Chinese corner and enter a different league: P


Belkin Galaxy S4 Bumper

This is the most basic protection that we can find focuses exclusively on protecting edges of the device , one of the points is usually more vulnerable when suffering falls or blows. Usually are made with gel or silicone, soft material to help grasp and that are comfortable to the touch, while protecting

As examples of this we have many shapes and materials., We can find Belkin covers both featuring dual layer to reach the eccentricity with aluminum covers that seem to have precious crystals embedded on its edges , apart from its metallic colors. In summary, to taste the colors.

Silicone and TPU Cases

 SPIGEN neohybrid

TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane in English, yj known unto the silicone form the vast majority of “cheap” cases that we can find (although you can combined with other materials). They have a soft, rubbery finish that makes it easy for us to hold the device with more comfort and absorbs bumps and other impacts that may occur.

These cases are often those that can be found in any store the street, but the cheap just bringing unpleasant surprises in terms of quality . It is well worth investing in cases of this kind that the best we can find in any Chinese , and you can check with sleeves like the ones sold in Spigen .


with lid

case htc one m8

On the other hand, we have a type of case that has been getting very popular cases to protect completely covering our Android and featuring a cover that fits over the screen when you are not using, also protecting that part of the device. Some rooms even with magnets or sensors that turn on and off the screen in line with the cover, plus unique features that gives each manufacturer like Samsung or windows HTC dots (pictured).

Samsung (if we ignore the detail that began with iPad and Smart Cover , all told) was the first to officially sell, including up to features like a window or wireless charging information , and other manufacturers, both official and others, have been jumping on the bandwagon of these cases.



Belkin Armband Plus EaseFit in action

Move the phone in his pocket during exercise they may not be as comfortable in the world and covers manufacturers also have realized this: there are a few cases standing as a bracelet or hip, and allow us to exercise while listening to music or checking our activity with one of the many apps available for it .

These cases are specialized for sports use that we give you, and most important when choosing it is that we are completely comfortable with it. You have good examples in Belkin target=”_blank”> or in SPIBELT , as it all depends on your tastes.

flushed Cases


Then we have other people who need your Android accompany them to the end of the world, and that all the blows that takes not affect its performance at all for very hard to be . The only negative of the cases that are able to withstand the worst conditions is that charge us any indication of the original design, but instead we have a very big protection.

In this category we have examples of which I already we’ve talked before, as ARMOURDILLO : as you can see so completely change the phone, but in return we have a pretty elusive for other types of protective covers


. Sock


And last but not least, have sleeves that are responsible for storing the device only when you’re not using it, being necessary to withdraw the full right to use our Android . It may be a mere sock fabric as in the picture, a leather case with a strip … we have something for everyone in this section, and the best is that while between us is worth: nothing unique variants for certain models, all matters is the size in question.

Missing a case? What you prefer? You are supporters? Sleeves or do you prefer the plain Android design

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All kinds of designs for your Android
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June 30, 2014

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