Allo is the best messaging application for talk only


what has happened to You ever that you have bored greatly and none of your friends has answered to your messages? Did you open WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, and have done scroll up and down, entered into conversations that are old, boring until we say enough? That is because there are applications that just serve to nothing if your friends do not collaborate, not Allo.

Allo is already here (well, more or less, because it’s not just appear in Google Play to all the world) and you are probably wondering if you will beat WhatsApp in the future. Personally I have my doubts, but do not worry, there is one thing that Allo is superior to WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, LINE, and company: the mode ‘single player’ or the possibility to have fun chatting without having with who to chat with.

do Without friends? No problem!

A messaging application and the communication is as useful as the amount of people in your environment who use it. Nothing serves you that ZapsterBlaster Messenger is great and has revolutionary features, if not you can use it to communicate with any of your friends because almost no one has an account.

This is one of the main barriers to the entry of new apps in our digital life, and the reason that many people are still using an application that is considered to be technically worse. Allo will you spend more or less the same, with one difference: even if nobody use it, you always have to chat with the wizard of Google.


you Probably think that this perspective is a little sad, and you’re right, but wait, Google Assistant can do a lot more for you than give you conversation. Desperate times need desperate measures, and when all of your contacts fail you and you’re bored of your social networks and the four games you have installed, Allo will be there to entertain you.


Specifically, tell him to Allo that want to play and you are presented with four categories of games: chat games, games questions, games draw and games classic. In total, there are 17 games for the moment, though it is more likely to increase in the future. The list includes classics such as Solo, PAC-MAN or the cube of Rubik.



Of mini-games that not only lives the man, and as is usually a classic in any virtual assistant worth their salt, the Google dares also with jokes. The only thing you have to do is ask for it.

Joke Wizard doesn’t know jokes in English, but at least the search on Google

I’m Not going to get to appreciate the quality of the jokes included, though the truth is that the level was already quite low, considering the attempts of other attendees.

Poems and stories

If you’re more of poems of jokes, no problem, the Wizard has a good selection for you. It is possible to also ask that you read a story to sleep, although for now it seems that only is known.


If all else fails…

If nothing above manages to alleviate your boredom, don’t give up, you still have the option of asking the wizard that will entertain, plain and simple. Type ‘entertain me’ or ‘random fun’ and a Wizard will launch you fun random including jokes, fun facts, funny videos, riddles, proverbs and famous quotations.


Who needs friends with the Wizard of Google?

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Allo is the best messaging application for talk only
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September 22, 2016

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