Alternatives to Popcorn Time and YIFY

Here are some alternatives to Popcorn Time to continue to enjoy your favorite streaming content.

Although there is still nothing confirmed, the death YIFY, and consequently the death of Popcorn sources used almost exclusively by reducing bandwidth offered, he has left the secondary market of the orphan network. For now, it is an unconfirmed death, since both services have stopped offering content but without announcing that cease to operate. Therefore, and although they may suffer the same fate, we offer some alternatives to Popcorn Time so you can keep watching content through the network:

  • Netflix : so far, queen crown. Netflix has earned a place in the market both by catalog, own content and number of devices on which your app is available. Just landed in Spain, offering a month of free content as evidence, besides being present in most Latin and European countries.

  • Hulu : currently only available in the US -and very small way in some countries Latam- Hulu is an alternative to Netflix It lets you view content on demand. It has series current on all NBC and FOX, among which include The Simpsons, and some of the most recent series of the ABC, but is quite far from some of the leading alternatives.

  • Wuaki.TV : one of the best alternatives in Spain that already has a few years in Spain and has a very interesting catalog. Removing some series and films themselves, it has roughly the same catalog that Netflix Spain, although with a more moderate price and the possibility of holiday content. As against, does not have the same number of applications for devices that Netflix, nor updates its catalog with the same ease

  • Yomvi : The service contents of Canal + and now Movistar +. Good content in series and in movies, but is beyond the free catalog of Movistar TV having to subscribe to some of the packages offered by the operator if we want to see current series or new films outside emitted by TV networks . the operator

  • Spanish chains TV : Atresmedia , RTVE or Mediaset They offer their content for free on their websites, including most current series, own programs and films in some ways for a limited time. Not the best content nor the most current, but if you like Spanish TV is a good place to start, all legal, streaming, and the ability to put it on TV using devices like the Apple TV, Chromecast or Sony and Microsoft consoles

  • TV Networks USA / UK . Showtime, HBO Now , CBS, ABC Channel 4 AMC, BBC Player have their applications and web content to enjoy, series and news. Of course, if you want to enjoy these outside the US you’ll need, as in the case of Hulu, the use of a VPN system to make believe you’re in use. It’s not as comfortable or as easy to use but certainly will be updated at any time with your favorite American and British series.

  • CouchPotato : an automatic NZB for torrent downloads. It also includes a monitoring system that automatically download movies through popular search engines by searching for X hours. It is also available for all the operating systems and NAS devices, among others.

  • DuckieTV : An open source app available for Mac, Windows, Linux, Web / Cloud, Android, Chrome OS, Android Tablet through a browser extension that allows us to track and download our series. Can be used as a standalone application or as an extension of Google Chrome.

  • PlayBox : an alternative to Popcorn Time and MovieBox using a simiar technology. Its performance is more than adequate, although there are sources depending on whether or not the content is limited. It is also only available for Android, iPhone and iPad.

  • Waifu : Popcorn Time for Anime, allows us to see anime series in HD 720p with subtitles in ES, LA, IN, PT, FR and DE and used as a basis cuevana using P2P technology Peerflix, popcorntime, nodewebkit … etc.

  • Streamza . service BitTorrent offers access torrents stories on our mobile or tablet, besides being also available on the computer and TV. Yes, but its range is huge, much depends on the number of peers to which the transfer is smooth and not jump.

Hypertext does not endorse or It encourages at any time or under any circumstances piracy. The alternatives offered in this article are for information only and do not constitute an invitation or encouragement to the reader to use.

Alternatives to Popcorn Time and YIFY

Alternatives to Popcorn Time and YIFY
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