Amazing islands inhabited only by animals

Traveling to an island paradise is everyone’s dream. There are all kinds, distributed around the world; however, for those who want to go further and know the most exotic islands, where some special animals reign, inhabited only by rabbits, cats, giant tortoises or horses, each species living on a single island, have the opportunity to have an unforgettable vacation. In this installment we present: the incredible islands inhabited by a single animal species:

Rabbit Island

Amazing islands inhabited only by animals

This is Okunoshima Island in Japan, where these adorable creatures can be found in droves. Care should be taken when walking, because the rabbits know that tourists always bring them something to eat and they love treats. There is no concrete information as to why the island was invaded by these animals. Some researchers claim that in 1971, a group of school children released 8 rabbits and then they reproduced rapidly. Another theory is that they are laboratory rabbits released after World War II. The truth is that these animals now live very happily, because they have no natural predator and day by day the population continues to grow.

Island of the giant tortoises

Amazing islands inhabited only by animals

These beautiful animals inhabit the outlying island of Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. The place is home to at least 150,000 giant tortoises. In 1982, the island was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site. The turtles wander peacefully in the sand and the unique flora, which have not been altered by man. These animals are very well cared for by some watchmen dedicated to their conservation. To visit the island, a special permit must be acquired from the Seychelles Islands Foundation. The turtles are frequented mainly by scientists, naturalists and some tourists.

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Horse Island

Amazing islands inhabited only by animals

This is Assateague Island, off the eastern coast of Virginia and Maryland in the United States. It is inhabited only by almost a thousand beautiful horses of all colors. The island also has pristine beaches of immeasurable beauty. Because the horses have gone wild, tourists must watch them from a safe distance, but there are some friendlier equines that approach people. To date, no one knows for sure how they came to live there.

Penguin Island

Amazing islands inhabited only by animals

There are many islands around the world inhabited solely by penguins, but the species living in Argentina is quite exotic. The island is located southeast of Puerto Deseado, off the coast of Santa Cruz. It was declared a Marine Park because of its great biodiversity. The place is inhabited only by a massive colony of yellow plume penguins, but in its waters you can also find sea lions and the occasional elephant seal. Tourists are always accompanied by guides to protect the penguins.

Pig Island

Amazing islands inhabited only by animals

These animals, despite living a wild life, are quite friendly. The island, which is their home, is located in the Exuma district of the Bahamas. The piglets spend their time swimming in the crystal clear waters of the beach and eating apples. The story goes that these animals were brought to the island by pirates, who left a group of pigs in the territory to eat them when they returned from their voyage, but they never came back. Currently, the only danger for these animals are the tourists who give them alcohol and force them to pose for selfies.

Cat Island

Amazing islands inhabited only by animals

Visiting this island is a dream for any feline lover. The famous Aoshima Island is located in southern Japan. Thousands of tourists from all over the world arrive here every year. Cats came to the island because there was a plague of rats, both on land and on fishing boats. This fact brought many cats that began to live there and reproduce quickly. The island at the moment is inhabited by 20 people, who try to take care of hundreds of these kittens. If you go there as a tourist, it is highly recommended to bring some food for them.

Iguana Island

Amazing islands inhabited only by animals

This is Fernandina Island, in the Galapagos, Ecuador. The entire archipelago is a large nature reserve. The volcanic island is devoid of humans, so marine iguanas and land iguanas reign. For reptile lovers, this is an ideal place. They can be found all over the island basking on the rocks. The largest iguanas, called Godzilla, can measure up to one meter long. Tourists arrive on excursions from Puerto Ayora, from the neighboring island of Isabela.

Island of the Micos

Amazing islands inhabited only by animals

Arara Island belongs to the Colombian Amazon, 20 kilometers from Leticia. Here you can see thousands of monkeys, mostly squirrel monkeys. These friendly little animals are used to tourists, so they climb on their heads and shoulders to have their pictures taken and give them a banana. The experience is unforgettable.

Undoubtedly, traveling to one of these wonderful islands is a privilege that not everyone can afford; a very meaningful adventure that will never fade from memory.

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