An airline’s recommended to buy consoles instead of organising

Advise to spend the money for the union dues in video games, matches, or any other activity.

The flight attendants and other workers of the airline Delta have tried to unionize for years, but the company is trying to dissuade employees. One of the last campaigns of the Delta has to the video game protagonists, and has gone viral since the journalist Eoin Higgins published the image of a poster that has outraged the workers.

“The union dues cost about $ 700 a year,” reads the brochure. “A new video game system with the latest hits sounds like fun. Put your money on that instead of paying dues to the union,”. Other signs are similar, but with options for all tastes: tickets to a baseball game or a night of football with friends.

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lol fuck off @Delta— Eoin Higgins (@EoinHiggins_) may 9, 2019

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James Carlson, a coordinator of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers has said that “Delta is probably one of the companies most anti-union in the world”, and that his campaigns against unionization are common. “The booklet that you have seen that caused so much uproar is just the tip of the iceberg in the tactics you use Delta”.

of course, the campaign has been the subject of memes that in many cases have turned against Delta.

Great work from Simpsons Against The Liberals on the Delta union busting attempt.— Shirley Jackson (@asintemple) 10 may 2019

hey, guys, just got the latest video game hits instead of joining a union, check it outttt— jordan (@JordanUhl) may 9, 2019

Delta out here trying to bust unions like— legitimate business man (@shocks) may 9, 2019

Their response— hot head (@kululu45) 10 may 2019

An airline’s recommended to buy consoles instead of organising

An airline’s recommended to buy consoles instead of organising

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