Analysis iPhone SE: the Trojan horse Apple

Why a new four-inch iPhone? What need? Will Apple should not focus its efforts on the next iPhone? Why should I change to a smaller smartphone? They are the four questions I hear most often from people who see or know I’m testing an iPhone for this análisis.La best way to justify the existence and need for a iPhone is looking at the current state of smartphones four inches.

the most powerful device of this screen size on the market, before the departure of the SE, was in fact the iPhone 5s , a mobile that was launched in 2013. the closest are Android devices like the Z5 Compact Sony , but with a slightly larger screen.

Being clear about that, it is much simpler to understand the reasons why Apple has chosen to market the SE. Innovation is a curious thing to understand and have to return to their definition . Innovation is not just invent new things, it is also achieving its economic implementation , commercial success. The first thing sometimes clashes with the latter, because while we see a rapid advance when we are presented with something new, to achieve commercial acceptance is usually a process that takes years.

On the outside, the iPhone SE advantage from a quite striking design at the time, the iPhone 5s . Its adoption is part of the innovation process that I mean before: try to find ways to achieve commercial acceptance. By using a proven design components that are much cheaper to manufacture large scale today is possible to offer a smartphone with the internal components of this model at a very attractive price.

Right there is where is the “sweet spot” iPhone SE: many of its internal components, those who do not see but that determine everyday phone experience, have been updated to be at par with the iPhone 6s . ## Reverting to a four-inch screen?

minutes after removing the iPhone your box to configure and start my review SE, I fell in realized something: over the next few days would pass a screen of 5.5 inches to just four. I panicked.

But everything is getting used to, so as to more to less. Hours later was adapted. He missed the power to operate a smartphone with a single finger, but in my daily mobile use prefer large screens that improve my productivity. It is ridiculous to think that one or two sizes are appropriate. Smartphones, at the end of the day, are like clothes, one size does not worth to all .

Just as I prefer larger sizes, these days I’ve been using the iPhone have received enough comments from people who did not update their iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c, in a mini version of the Galaxy or Xperia Compact because they simply are not interested in a phone with larger screen. Here is an important part of the target audience that Apple aims with this new model.

An iPhone 6s packaged in four-inch


Both A9 processor and its coprocessor and camera correspond to the same hardware with the same specifications that are in a iPhone 6s . Ultimately you have the same advantages as the flagship Apple. Same speed, same possibilities. Siri can be activated by voice, Apple Pay is integrated, there are tracking your steps at all times without draining the battery, you can play games with complex graphics, you can play high quality videos without problems. It also has better Wi-Fi and greater support for LTE networks.

That is not because the phone is smaller has sacrificed performance. With very specific differences, iPhone 6s and iPhone have the same speed and practically the same performance, with three important exceptions: the screen does not support 3D Touch, Touch ID is not as fast as it uses the first generation component, and the front camera is the same as the iPhone 5s.

… with a better range


One of the biggest advantages of packaging the A9 processor and all the latest mobile technology Apple is very focused on efficiency in a smaller screen, is that the battery life is considerably better than previous generations 4-inch iPhone.

in normal uses have been almost two days without charging the phone, which had only just occurred to me iPhone 6s Plus , the iPhone with greater autonomy that I have used since they began to market the product.


As mentioned earlier, the iPhone SE strong> has the same camera that the iPhone 6s

The photos are amazing and the video quality is amazing This is where Apple really surprises me. Think for a moment: a camera that quality, capable of recording in 4K image stabilization for $ 400 (or 489 euros in Europe, and taxes), are things that makes three or four years we seemed far-fetched and impossible.

what happens is that the economy of scale works in favor of the device and allows Apple to offer these specifications for a low price, while maintaining margins.




(We recommend you watch the video in full screen mode to experience the 4K quality)

the trojan horse Apple the market for mobile telephony

iPhone SE end 05

If you take a little distance, Apple’s strategy is quite simple but brilliant : get into a market segment that virtually the entire industry had abandoned renew the range, they put art components and sell it to a super attractive price. Recall that Apple, only during 2015, sold more than 30 million phones four inches.

The iPhone is an excellent reason for people who prefer devices small screens finally updated its iPhone 5s or 5c, incidentally not have to invest as much money as a iPhone 6s or 6s Plus

 iPhone SE end 06

it is a very effective way to infiltrate emerging markets with less purchasing power but are very interested in buying an iPhone. China and India are often the major markets all come to mind, but I really think through plans designed by operators, could also be a success in Latin America.

Apple also expects the combination of art components that price is enough for more people to make the change of Android to iPhone motivation. A 40% of those who make the change start with a four-inch device; and according to the company, in China that percentage is even higher , approximately 55%. 9Desde a point of view of product range, four inches, the iPhone is not just rival. The iPhone 5s was still the winner in recent years and comes to replace it.

There’s definitely a sacrifice space if for some reason you go from a larger to this screen. But these benefits will be very tempting for those who want to upgrade until you stop saving money.

I think one of the areas where there is value in the camera. Recording incredible quality and spectacular photographs for a low total price. Those who thought acquire a compact camera and invest about $ 400 / euros, should not think and go directly to purchase iPhone . * The camera / video * Processor A9 as the iPhone 6s * Good battery life * how convenient it is to operate a smartphone with one hand * The small screen can be limiting, especially if you’re used to larger


Analysis iPhone SE: the Trojan horse Apple
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